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Soccer Game Dissapointment

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The Soccer Game Quest now has two options. One is Explore a province and the other is defeat a large army.
1. It is physically impossible to explore a province when I am already in a continent above my level and cannot gain the goods to negotiate purchasing my first province so that I can explore more. This is a box with no exit as there is no Explore available for me, and will not be until after the Event ends.

2. Even with 209% attack bonus, with Tavern and Color Guard bonus, it is impossible to defeat a large army with 60% bonus. This is a waste of time.

FoE works by encouraging play as a habit. Some choices designed to encourage diamond use and generate a revenue stream are voluntary, like Daily Quests that have complex Negotiations. If one wants to skip that day and continue other play then that is fine. This use of insurmountable tasks in the Event is different because one cannot just skip a day. Not completing the taks ends the Event. That frankly is a much larger issue in leaving a bad taste.

There should always be a way to continue play even if forgoing a daily prize.


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(1) this should be put in the announcement feedback thread for the soccer event

(2) why isn’t getting the goods an option? What age are we talking? Event goes for a month


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Are you trying to Auto-battle? What are you fighting and what are you putting up against it? I only have 152% attack and 96% defense bonus and I beat a 60% boost all the time with a 2 unit + 6 rogue strategy and rarely take a unit loss. Sure some units get dinged up a bit, but I just swap them out for fresh troops to let the injured recuperate.

BTW - I always finish the Daily Challenge daily, GE 4 weekly, and all event tasks. I'm currently caught up waiting for the next quest to activate. I don't have issues with resources or fighting and the only diamonds I spend are the free ones I earn from GE. Currently sitting on 3500+.

Stephen Longshanks

As this is a duplicate thread, I am closing it. Comments about the event should properly be posted in the event feedback thread.
Not open for further replies.