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Some people are cheating the Summer Event (disabling/bypassing wheel spin animation)?


Cheating is the getting of a reward for ability or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation. It all depends on if it's dishonest. What does dishonest mean? Behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy or fraudulent way or intending to mislead or cheat.
Interesting. Not sure it answers my questions though. See, people were upset when they found out that hitting stop doesn't make any difference. However, some people say on the phone it does. So I tried it and thought maybe it did, I just wasn't good at it. So, if one learned to hit stop at a time which made it so that you could get the prize you wanted, that would be basically learning a skill, something people kind of expected out of the wheel on the laptop. Just wasn't how it works on the laptop. Not really sure if that is how it works on the phone, though it seemed to one day, but the next, it didn't seem to make any difference at all.


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Some folks are just plain meanies, i have had folks on purpose refresh when renno kit is on wheel, just because they are in artic and dont need renno kit. I do mean on purpose, cause you spend $ and refresh the darn wheel 10-15+ times to get what you want and there comes along jerk who will just refresh it.

oh well rant end :)


See, people were upset when they found out that hitting stop doesn't make any difference.
If that stop button made any difference, people like me and countless others would figure out a way to make that work in our favor. Any human being with half a brain and a steady oxygen supply would do the same, because of our survival instincts.

To comment on BruteForceAttack, I've had that happen twice, where I spent money to get tickets to refresh the wheel a bunch of times to get a Dream Wheel, and then someone refreshed it without going for any more additional spins. He isn't exaggerating about it costing up to 10 - 15 tickets to find a good wheel to spin with.


I did check the wheel out on the phone and hitting the stop button does seem to have more effect there than it does on PC. However, it doesn't seem to have the SAME effect each time. One time I hit stop and the wheel stopped four spaces later. The next time I hit stop it stopped 8 places later. There might be a pattern (the game seems to like patterns) but I don't have the patience to figure it out since I REALLY dislike playing off of my phone. :D

As far as the wheels with all good prizes gone vs all good prizes left goes... A wheel with 4 SoKs and 3 other prizes will only sit there until someone with 7+ tickets sees it where a wheel with all the SoKs taken and 31 low value prizes left will sit until someone refreshes the wheel. Since a lot of players wait for someone ELSE to refresh the wheel those wheels will stick around a lot longer.

My experience was that it was fair. When I went to clear my tickets yesterday I saw a wheel with 5 prizes left, 3 of them Reno Kits. On that world I had 45 tickets left so I refreshed a LOT after grabbing the Kits and caught at least 4 wheels early on that also had Reno Kits. Had 8 by that time so I kept refreshing looking for SoKs. Finally got a wheel with SoKs when I was down to 10 tickets and still managed to snag 2 of them. Some worlds did better than others but I got plenty of good stuff everywhere.


I think the availability of tickets was more of an issue. Tickets were far apart and few in numbers. I would like to see the availability of tickets increase.


As I've noted before, it is indeed frustrating when people won't give you as much of the free stuff as you'd like :)


Thi year' Summer Event, it didn't matter where you hit the 'stop' button, as the prize you're were going to get was determined right after you hit the 'spin' button. You could see this in action when you got a coin or supplies prize, as it showed right away as being added under your totals.

Of course, being able to disable the spin animation would be an advantage for buying an entire wheel more quickly, and if anyone could do that, it would certainly be cheating, since the default nature of the wheel is you've got to wait until it stops spinning before you can spin it again.

Now last year's wheel was different, as the prize didn't appear until the wheel stopped, and it did seem one could 'work' the wheel with a quick eye by seeing what prize was under the arrow when 'stop' was clicked and what prize was awarded, and then adjusting accordingly. More often than not, last year, I didn't have to buy an entire wheel to get the prizes I wanted and leave the rest.


The wheel always (even past events) was predetermined the moment you clicked spin.


My experience with last year's wheel (or was it the year before that? One of them) suggests otherwise. Once the wheel got up to speed, clicking stop when a certain location was under the arrow had the wheel stopping in the same place every time. Of course, because the prizes were going by so fast, and my reaction time being what it is, I missed a few, but I was largely able to cherry-pick my prizes off of last year's wheel, unlike this year.
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The question is, is it cheating if you do know a way to get the prize you want off the wheel as long as you aren't using some program to do it and are just spinning yourself.
No, that's called "skill".


On M world, I got 3 rogue hideouts from 1 wheel with 4 spins. On F world I couldn't get an extra rogue hideout no matter how many times I spun it. So now I have 4 RH's in M and 1 RH in F. Wish I could transfer them over :) Like many other games of chance, our perceptions make something seem a certain way, but in the majority of those cases, it's just invalid data or our view of the data that is wrong.