Some Statistics and a small FAQ regarding Great Buildings

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    Disclaimer: Please note that since the game is a constant "work in progress", the numbers may change over time. The current numbers reflect the status of game version 1.11 from October 2013. Please don't nail me if you relied on my numbers and got it wrong ;-)

    Great Buildings:

    Contribution Rewards:

    As there have been complaints regarding the readability of the Quick-FAQ, here it is again in plain text:

    Great Buildings (GB) Quick FAQ
    1) Find a blueprint (BP) template by polishing, motivating or plundering other players. BPs can also be bought for Medals (work in progress) and/or Diamonds.
    2) Donating forgepoints to help other players level up their GB's can reward you with BP parts depending on your rank in the contributors list.
    3) When donating forgepoints, you get BPs and BP parts for the exact GB you are donating to. If you have already constructed this GB, the BPs will be stored internally for a TBA use.
    4) Which BPs you get depends on the age the buildings you polish/motivate/plunder are from. This includes decorations, goods buildings and quest reward bonus buildings.
    5) You need to own all 9 parts of the blueprint as well as the goods required to be able to construct the GB.
    6) Once you've placed the GB in your city, you need another 50 (Bronze and Iron Age: 40 - Industrial Age: 60) Forgepoints to actually start the reward production.
    7) GBs need to be connected to roads.
    8) GBs do not consume population.
    9) If you sell a GB, it will not be put back into your inventory, it will be lost and you get nothing back.
    10) You can obtain the same BP part multiple times (indicated by x2, x3 etc in the template). Duplicates can be traded 2:1 for a random BP of the GB you are trading in.
    11) The goods requirements are the same for everyone.
    12) Military and Defense bonuses of multiple GBs add up, so for example a Dragoon can have up to 200% defense bonus.
    13) "Military Boost" affects offensive and defensive properties of your units only when attacking, "Defense Boost" applies to the units only when defending your city.
    14) Goods producing GBs produce goods respective to the age you're currently in.
    15) There is no cap on how many blueprints you can collect per day.
    16) Quest Reward Boost: When you get coins, supplies, goods, diamonds or medals as reward from quests, you receive an additional xxx%.
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    Nov 19, 2012
    Can you clarify what the St. Marks Basilica or Lighthouse of Alexandria bonuses are? St. Marks at level 10 says +250% x90. Is that a 250% bonus on all your homes? What's the 90 mean?

    Does the polishing of a GB that provides happiness double its output?
  3. Daniel

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    Let's say that in a given 24 hours you collect coins from 500 houses. The 250% x90 means that for 90 of those houses, you get 250% the coins.

    Also, polishing a GB probably works the same.
  4. cluelessnoob

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    Jul 2, 2012
    Do these building need to be connected by roads?
  5. Bastion

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Quick FAQs 7: GB need to be connected to roads. I know it would be easier to read in a better size/font, but sometimes the information is already there.
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    Jul 2, 2012
    Sorry, the print is so small I cannot read it. Please forgive me.

    edit- in fact, I cannot read any of the bottom writing- it just looks all jammed together.
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    If I can suggest anything.. Make the image bigger and put it onto a google doc or something for us all to see.
  8. Bastion

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I've gotten my first LoA Blueprint and found that it gives a bonus to the first x collections done in a day. Are the developers working on setting up a game clock, so we can start larger ques for these times to take advantage of the bonus (5% of 40 isn't much of a bonus for example), or are we just going to have to guess when these things reset?

    Also, will pillagers be able to take the bonus amounts if they happen upon the correct time/building? Or will it be like a happy bonus, that only the owner of the city will be able to take advantage of?

    3: Can you get BP of buildings from ages you have yet to reach?
    Ex. I'm only in LMA, but some in my neighborhood are in Colonial and I polish/motivate their best building, would I still be able to gain Colonial BP, even though I'm not there yet?
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  9. Daniel

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    Don't think a game clock is in the works, so you'll probably have to guess. Or perhaps there's a counter in the building that'll countdown the number of bonuses you have that day, and may reset once the 24-hour mark has passed.

    Others will not be able to utilize the bonus, since it's something that applies when you collect the productions.

    You can get BPs from ages you haven't reached yet.
  10. avos folly

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Can we get some rough percentages for the actions to getting BP's?
  11. aurelius

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    Just a question: to get to nr. 13 and 14 in FAQ to defense and attack bonus I would need 5 great buildings but what about the huge space that is needed. I mean it's hard to come up whit 7 by 7 space let alone for 5 buildings. Are any more expansion available?
  12. Bastion

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    Sep 15, 2012
    I think there are plenty of expansions available in the game already, they seem to become more common in the later ages, and while the buildings are large, we already have a large building, the Town Hall, in place and the issues with it are small compared to other things.

    Since it doesn't seem that a GC is in the works, maybe the buildings that use it could have something similar to the PvP Towers with a 'time remaining' counter.
    PS: Thanks for answering my questions above.
  13. aurelius

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    The problem is I did finish the colonial age to and got all the expansions possible and still getting some of the great buildings it's going to be impossible.
  14. avos folly

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    Nov 16, 2012

    Care to explain why it would be impossible? Cause with every expansion you'd have 800 spaces avaible and all the GB+town hall takes up around 350 spaces.
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  15. angelwerks

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    The saint marks doesn't work.
    So far I haven't gotten any increase on the coins,
    I'm at level three and 0 coins % has been given.
    I was about to build another when I halted and noticed ZERO coin production increase.
    I suggest everyone not use diamonds to get this one,m as it is 50$ and no benefits.
    Wait till they fix it.
  16. Mithril

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Is there any information regarding the drop rates? Do higher level GB's have a lower percentage of drop rates than lower levels? Once you have a completed building, do those BPs no longer drop or will the potential of getting a BP that's no longer needed exist?
  17. HaekelHansi

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    -- updated --

    There are no confirmed droprate ratios, just rumors and guesses. The first ever blueprint comes quite quickly after about 10-20 motivations/polishings/plunderings, after that it takes considerably longer, and a lot of luck is involved.

    As for blueprints for GBs you already own: Yes, you can still get them, but you won't see them until an unknown feature is implemented that makes use of them. They are not lost, just stored internally serverside.
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  18. mw29

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    it said some thing about dontaing forge points how do you do that
  19. Gilliekins

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    If you click on someone's GB the interface showing the contributers will appear on your screen. At the bottom you will see "Help and gain rewards", use this to donate forge points.

    You can also see from this screen what rewards are available to the top contributers by hovering over the treasure chests by their names.

    Hope this helps :)
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    thanks for this. Oh, and especially thanks for the larger print!!