Some Statistics and a small FAQ regarding Great Buildings


how many motivate or polish needed to reach one blue print? if they motivate me back its helpfull? or just i must motivate others
how can i buy blu print whit medals?


how many pol/mot's per drop? no one really knows.:unsure:
is it just when I motivate others? Yes, other than jumping ahead of you in FP donations (trying to grab limited BP awards) others cannot affect your BP's.
how can I buy blue prints with medals? You can't, if you acquire a blue print for a building you can purchase more for that building with diamonds.

hope that helped.:)

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Love the "some unknown future use" comments for duplicate pieces.....NOT.
Is there any indication as to what we might be in for? I agree with many of the comments in threads on this topic elsewhere in the Forums, that we should have options of what to do with these duplicate blueprint pieces, such as:
- trading with other Guild Members or neighbors for another blueprint
- trading with other Guild Members or neighbors for a coin/supply mix (minimum set by the game)
- trading with other guild members or neighbors for goods (minimum set by the game - which they might need to begin construction)
- trading with other guild members or neighbors for diamonds (minimum set by the game)
None of these make it "easier" to build, because
- there is NO guarantee that the other members of your guild or neighborhood have the pieces you need.
- trading for goods would set back the person getting the blueprint piece, meaning they have to build up their stock, taking them longer to build
- trading with a guildmember for diamonds STILL gets the diamonds to the just goes through another guildmember first. in fact, allowing a variable diamond price, with a minimum of 200 (set by the game) might even get them (the game) MORE sales.

and NUMBER them 1 - 9 so people can identify "I have piece 3 of the tower of babel that i'd like to trade for piece 6 of the tower"


With a 90% certainty, the next update will include a 2:1 internal trade feature. No trades with other players. Trades only between blueprints of the same Great Building.

As for buying blueprints with medals: This was announced when GBs were first released. Whether the idea has been dropped by the Devs is unknown now known to me. :p
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Added the missing reward numbers of forgepoint contributions to level 10's HMA- and LMA-GBs.
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Hey everyone. Just curious, I motivate/polish buildings from bronze-LMA around 70 per day. I have never received a blueprint except for the very first one that came real quick. Am I missing something? 500+ motivations, polishes, and attacks with no results makes me think that I am doing something wrong. Thanks for any help you all can provide! :)


If you concentrate on m/p/a-ing buildings of only one specific age, you can drastically increase your chances of finding blueprints.
the limit for forge points that you can have is 10. so for instance, say you are rank 1 and u get 25 forge points for that rank u are losing some forge points right?


no, the rewarded forge points go into your inventory. they are divided into packs of 2,5,10.

hope that helps, have fun.


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Nope, you don't lose any forge points. They don't go in the forge point bar, but they're stored in your inventory in various numbers (sets of 10 and 5, for example).

If and when you decide to use them is totally up to you and that's when they'll be moved to your forge point bar. So there is no loss. :)


Will your military boost from bronze age GBs work for all military or just of that age?

In other words those it follow you all through the ages as long as you have them?
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I was wondering about the population-boost, Tower of Babel gives;
Do I have to entertain these tourists as well, or are they already entertained by the tower itself?