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Song of Dunkelland (Dark Country)

Flavius Belisarius

Active Member
Wynners Song of Dunkelland (Dark Country)

The Truck Runner led his Early Middle Aged Wynners in a fierce Campaign to carve a Kingdom in Northeastern Dunkelland. In the early days of fighting The Firestorm Federation cut through the forces of Wynners and their neighbors the Devils rejects. Riding behind the hordes of 101Reaper, The Firestorm Federation was squashed into the barren wastes of Spitzzauberdorf (Sharp Charming Village).

The Truck Runner used 101Reaper and the rest of the mighty Wynners to carve a kingdom from Todesegelmark (borderlands of death) to Oberblutbach (Upper bloody stream) and then 101 Reaper left joining xXTemptressXx in the Reign of Terror but not before boxing the Game of Thrones into the mountain canyon of Zauberdorf (charming village). Game of Thrones counter-attacked our fortress at Todeskaltenmark (borderlands of the cold death) while we slept. After three hours, they foolishly stopped. Then Belisarioos attacked. After 25 minutes, Game of Thrones Heavy Cavalry, Horse Archers, and Armored Infantry were buzzard food.

The upstart Guild of SOLO II led by Tynk and the impudent umbriferous Guild under Treigh Kappalis jumped into Dunkelblutbad (Dark blood bath) and Kleinfeuerdorf (Small late village). Treigh Kappalis was weak and left a token force in Kleinfeuerdorf. Belisarioos saw an opportunity to take out umbriferous, but SOLO II moved first. They won, but made a fatal mistake. They failed to reinforce their victory and Belisarioos took a chance to catch the tardy dogs of SOLO II. The surprise attack was successful and The Truck Runner rallied the Wynners to shove Tynk’s SOLO II out of Kleinfeuerdorf and then Dunkelblutbad into the rapids off Badulium in Tuulech. C-BO, bgfft, Mr13itches, and Gamel De Muncaster battled through the night with Belisarioos and The Truck Runner. When Game of Thrones is hurled from the mountains of Dunkelland above Spitzzauberdorf, a heroes festival will be held at Rhythwyn’s Bazaar in East Ecenilands.

8272016 Procopius (official scribe of Flavius Belisarus)