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Space Age Asteroid Belt Feedback


Active Member
Did anyone else notice that the Space Food Farm is less efficient per space than the Rocket Testing Site? A one hour production in a SFF is 563.125 per space, where the RTS gives 647.5 per space.

Not a big deal. I can live with it, but I thought people ought to know.
Not only is the Space Food Farm less efficient than the Rocket Testing Site, but also the Belt Mining HQ is less efficient than the Satellite Dish from the previous age. And the Living Space Residence gives slightly fewer coins per space per hour than the previous age's Astronaut Training Dormitory (although it does give more population per space, so that's good at least).

In other words ALL THREE of the basic buildings: Residential, Production, and Commercial are a step DOWN from the previous age! SAAB is actually a regression! (except for population, as noted above) I guess it's no wonder the military units are worse also. (The regular decoration is an improvement, but it's a decoration, so who really cares?)

Also, does anyone know what B.E,L.T. stands for? Am I correct that it's a Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich?