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The following is a True Event.

One day a new game came along ‘Turok’. This was a truly awesome game which lasted many hours.

One very dark night with all the lights off, the older brother (RaveWolf) would be playing this game with his younger brother by his side watching every step and move, totally immersed in this new game.

While totally zoned in, the scene is dark, and the air is still, we can just barely hear our own heartbeats. The character walks slowly through the forest, looking for blood thirsty creatures. They find a building and go inside. Everything is dark except for the faint flicker of the torch. They find a ladder and slowly start to climb up.

All is quiet, nothing can be seen or heard but their own breathing. They find a ladder and slowly go up. Step by step they slowly climb this high ladder edging closer and closer to a small hole at the top. As they reach the top, they slowly climb into the small opening, they then edge foreword and shine the torch into the opening, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they hear this Loud Screech as a giant prehistoric spider jumps straight at their face out of the quiet dark. Both brothers screamed like a little 5-year-old staring face to face at their biggest fear!! The Keyboard and Mouse shook around from the convulsions of pure and utter fear that could have easily be classified as a level 10 earthquake. A moment deeply etched in my history. The Fear was Real!!

This truly happened. We were so immersed in the game as if the “real world” never existed. I don’t fear much, and I’ve watched many scary movies way before the recommended age which to this very day has had no effect on me. But this one scene in this game made up for everything I never feared before then, or till this day!! Because of this one event, scary movies today, go under my comedy folder!!

World - Korch
With Halloween quickly approaching we would like to hear a scary story. This story must be 350 words or less.Only one entry per person. Please place the world you want to receive your prize in your post as well. The top 3 stories will receive 300 Diamonds.

Get your friends in the game involved. If we have more then 100 entries, 2 more prizes will be added .

Contest ends 10/31/2018 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be chosen at random

Good Luck!!
As a cat lover and owner of 3 orange tabbies, here is my favorite Halloween story...
I came home late one night after work and found my wife Ethel puttering about the kitchen with a big yellow cat at her heels.
“And who is this?” I asked jovially.
“This is our new cat,” said Ethel, giving me a hug and a kiss to welcome me home. “She just appeared at the kitchen door and wanted to come in. None of the neighbors know where she came from, so I guess she’s ours. It will be nice to have some company around the house.”
I bent down and scratched the yellow cat under the chin. She purred and stretched.
“Well, I think our income can stretch far enough to feed three,” I said.
My son had taken over my job at the mercantile and my wife and I were enjoying a leisurely old age. I liked to keep busy though, and so I spent a few hours every day cutting and hauling wood to be used at the mill.
I went out to milk the cow, and when I came back in, Ethel gave the cat some cream in a saucer.
We sat on the porch after dinner, and the cat sat with us.
“You are a very nice kitty,” I said to her. She purred loudly.
“Donald,” Ethel said. She sounded worried. I turned to look at her. “The neighbors acted rather oddly when I told them about the cat. They seemed to think she was a ghost or a witch of some sort, transformed into a cat. They told me to get rid of her.”
“A witch?” I asked, and laughed heartily. “Are you a witch, little cat?”
The cat yawned and stretched. Reluctantly, Ethel started to laugh with me. It seemed such a ludicrous notion. We sat watching the beautiful sunset, and then took ourselves to bed.
The cat quickly became an essential part of our household. She would purr us awake each morning, and would beg for cream when I brought in the morning’s milking. She followed Ethel around supervising her work during the day and would sit by the fire at night while we read aloud.
The days became shorter as autumn approached, and often I would work until nearly sunset, cutting and hauling wood. One night in October, I didn’t finish hauling my last load until dusk. As soon as I had piled the last log, I started down the road, hoping to get home before dark since I had not brought a lantern with me. I rounded a corner and saw a group of black cats standing in the middle of the road. They were nearly invisible in the growing dark.
As I drew nearer, I saw that they were carrying a stretcher between them. I stopped and rubbed my eyes. That was impossible. When I looked again, the stretcher was still there, and there was a little dead cat lying on it.
I was astonished. It must be a trick of the light, I thought. Then one of the cats called out, “Sir, please tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy is dead.”
My mouth dropped open in shock. I shook my head hard, not believing my ears. How ridiculous, I thought. Cats don’t talk.
I hurried past the little group, carefully looking the other way. I must be working too hard, I thought. But I couldn’t help wondering who Aunt Kan might be. And why did the cat want me to tell her Polly Grundy was dead? Was Polly Grundy the cat on the stretcher?
Suddenly, I was confronted by a small black cat. It was standing directly in front of me. I stopped and looked down at it. It looked back at me with large green eyes that seemed to glow in the fading light.
“I have a message for Aunt Kan,” the cat said. “Tell her that Polly Grundy is dead.”
The cat stalked passed me and went to join the other cats grouped around the stretcher.
I was completely nonplussed. This was getting very spooky. Talking cats and a dead Polly Grundy. And who was Aunt Kan? I hurried away as fast as I could walk. Around me, the woods were getting darker and darker. I did not want to stay in that wood with a group of talking cats. Not that I really believed the cats had spoken. It was all a strange, waking dream brought on by too much work.
Behind me, the cats gave a strange shriek and called out together: “Old man! Tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy is dead!”
I’d had enough. I sprinted for home as fast as I could go, and didn’t stop until I had reached the safety of my porch. I paused to catch my breath. I did not want to explain to Ethel that I was seeing and hearing impossible things. She would dose me with caster oil and call the doctor.
When I was sufficiently composed, I went into the house and tried to act normally. I should have known it wouldn’t work. Ethel and I had been married for thirty years, and she knew me inside and out. She didn’t say anything until after I’d finished the chores. Then she sat me down in front of the fire and brought me my supper. After I’d take a few bites and started to relax, she said, “Tell me all about it, Donald.”
“I don’t want to worry you,” I said, reluctant to talk about what I had seen and heard on the way home.
The yellow cat was lying by the fire. She looked up when she heard my voice, and came to sit by my chair. I offered her a morsel of food, which she accepted daintily.
“I’ll worry more if you don’t tell me,” said Ethel.
“I think maybe something is wrong with my brain,” I said slowly. “While I was walking home, I thought I saw a group of black cats carrying a stretcher with a dead cat on it. Then I thought I heard the cats talking to me. They asked me to tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy was dead.”
The yellow cat leapt up onto the window sill. “Polly Grundy is dead?” she cried. “Then I am the Queen of the Witches!”
She switched her tail and the window flew open with a bang. The yellow cat leapt through it and disappeared into the night, never to return.
Ethel had to dump an entire bucket of water over my head to revive me from my faint.
‘The good news,” she told me when I sat up, dripping and swearing because the water was ice cold, “is that you have nothing wrong with your brain. The bad news is that our cat has just left us to become the Queen of the Witches. We’ll have to get another cat.”
“Oh no,” I said immediately. “I’ve had enough of cats.”
We got a dog.


It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the house-tops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

Bulwer-Lytton's 1830 novel, "Paul Clifford"

PurpIeMoon in Houndsmoor


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With Halloween quickly approaching we would like to hear a scary story. This story must be 350 words or less.Only one entry per person. Please place the world you want to receive your prize in your post as well. The top 3 stories will receive 300 Diamonds.

Get your friends in the game involved. If we have more then 100 entries, 2 more prizes will be added .

Contest ends 10/31/2018 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be chosen at random

Good Luck!!
My god, 350 words this is high school again. Will give a hell of a story by the end of this epic battle.


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We bought an old house, my boyfriend and I. He's in charge of the "new" construction – converting the kitchen in to the master bedroom for instance, while I'm on wallpaper removal duty. The previous owner papered EVERY wall and CEILING! Removing it is brutal, but oddly satisfying. The best feeling is getting a long peel, similar to your skin when you're peeling from a sunburn. I don't know about you but I kinda make a game of peeling, on the hunt for the longest piece before it rips.Under a corner section of paper in every room is a person’s name and a date. Curiosity got the best of me one night when I Googled one of the names and discovered the person was actually a missing person, the missing date matching the date under the wallpaper! The next day, I made a list of all the names and dates. Sure enough each name was for a missing person with dates to match. We notified the police who naturally sent out the crime scene team. I overhead one tech say "yup, it's human." Human? What's human? "Ma'am, where is the material you removed from the walls already? This isn't wallpaper you were removing."

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A pleasant late night jog thru the park was suddenly interrupted. The dead calm was replaced with a bone chilling breeze; bringing with it an eerie mist rolling in off the bay. A snowy owl, unknown in these parts, abruptly appeared in the trees, visible in the light of the full moon. Hearing a strange sound he stopped and turned. A dark figure moved furtively among the trees. He turned back. Before he could scream the zombies were on him. After eating his brain they disappeared into the forest and the calm returned. But too late - he was gone....


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Sweet Hollow Rd in Long Island, NY, is a winding road that passes through a wooded hill called "Mount Misery." The hill is so named because there used to be a psychiatric ward in this area in the 18th century, which was burn down, unfortunately with patients and staff still inside.

Today, when you drive on this road during the night, you might see a woman in the woods wearing what appears to be a lab coat. Some people say the woman was just standing there, staring at them. Others claim that she was on fire, running and screaming.

You might think that’s just some sort of hallucination. You may be right. But then, some of these people discovered later on that the backseat of their car was wet, as if someone spilt water on it, even though no one was sitting in the backseat.



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With Halloween quickly approaching we would like to hear a scary story. This story must be 350 words or less.Only one entry per person. Please place the world you want to receive your prize in your post as well. The top 3 stories will receive 300 Diamonds.

Get your friends in the game involved. If we have more then 100 entries, 2 more prizes will be added .

Contest ends 10/31/2018 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be chosen at random

Good Luck!!

Another year had past and you still haven't been able to see your reflection in the mirror and you have no idea why. Then you finally figure out someone has turned it around.
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With Halloween quickly approaching we would like to hear a scary story. This story must be 350 words or less.Only one entry per person. Please place the world you want to receive your prize in your post as well. The top 3 stories will receive 300 Diamonds.

Get your friends in the game involved. If we have more then 100 entries, 2 more prizes will be added .

Contest ends 10/31/2018 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be chosen at random

Good Luck!!
The Lady in the Veil:

He had not expected to meet the woman of his dreams, but there she was strolling along in the moonlight beside the cemetery. Carlos quickened his pace until he was level with her, hoping for a glimpse of her face under her veil.

Carlos made a few remarks about the beautiful night and the lovely weather—anything to keep her talking. She stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He caught a glimpse of dark eyes glinting behind the veil.

“What is it you want?” she asked.

“A date, Senorita. Just a date.” Carlos beamed at her.

She paused and said, “I do not know. Ask me again in this place at this time tomorrow night, and we shall see.”

Carlos’s heart leapt in his chest. So she was playing hard to get? Well, fair enough. He would see her tomorrow, and then she would fall into his arms!

The next day dragged by for the infatuated Carlos, and he had trouble concentrating on his work. But at last he was free and running the few blocks to his home to change into a suitable outfit.

He could barely contain himself, and he reached the cemetery a few minutes early. She was not there yet, so Carlos entertained himself by picturing his beautiful bride in their new home. Suddenly she was there in front of him, the moonlight sparkled off her veil. Carlos was enchanted.

They talked for hours, standing in front of the graveyard. She was as witty as she was beautiful, and Carlos begged her for a date.

“We will go out tomorrow night,” she said. “I will send you a letter with the place and time.” Carlos kissed her hand and floated away, so happy he wanted to sing for joy.

Carlos was absolutely useless at work the next day. After work, he rushed home and found a letter in his mailbox. Eagerly he read it, not pausing to wonder how she knew where he lived. Then he ran next door to show it to Diego, his closest cousin.

Diego went pale when he read her signature, Rosa Gonzale. This must be the same Rosa that died in a car crash last year. Diego tried to warn Carlos, but Carlos was already in love.

That night as Carlos hurried to the cemetery Diego followed, certain that his cousin was in over his head. Carlos bounded over to Rosa. “At last, we go out!” he cried to her. “But first, my love, show me your face!”

At his words, Rosa pulled aside the veil. Back at the gate, Diego gave a gasp of shock, for she had the desiccated face of a skeleton. He was frozen to the spot by the power of the evil specter, unable to warn Carlos. Looking down, Carlos only saw the glamour the ghost was projecting. As the skeleton’s withered arms trapped him, the veil on his eyes was lifted and he realized in one heart-stopping moment the abomination he was kissing. The ground opened up, and with a laugh of triumph, the specter pulled him down and down into her tomb. The earth closed over Carlos and Rosa.

Diego, freed from the ghost’s spell, ran into the cemetery, shouting his cousin’s name in terror. But it was too late. Carlos was dead - locked for all time in Rosa’s arms.



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In the middle of the night you are awoken from a deep sleep by a crash from downstairs. The need for sleep gone from your mind as you hear an intruder fumbling around. you immediately grab the lamp next to your bed as an improvised weapon and try to find out who has invaded your life.
As you descend down your steep lengthy stairs a shadow appears at the bottom, a man, Oh what sort of horrible monster is it. The creature has a queer narrow head and bulgy, stary eyes. He started almost stumbling up the stairs towards me muttering something about a Father Dagon and Mother Hydra and even more terrifyingly I hear the word sacrifice. Fearing for my life I hurl my lamp at the horrible man hoping for the best. Suprisingly it hit him right in the face as the man charged up the stairs and he fell backward stunned.
Taking the opportunity I try to rush past him only to get a sudden shock as a cold clammy hand grabs my leg. Panicking I kick at that hand only noticing mid kick that it was webbed with scaly skin. Running away I hear a horrible croaking voice say something.
I flew to a nearby friends house and call the police refusing to go home until they check it out and find the fish-man monster.
The police went and searched my house and surrounding area finding only a phrase etched into the floor. Sometimes I still hear that phrase in my mind as I fear that’s what the fish-man was saying to me as I fled.
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn . . . In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming . . . That’s not dead . . . which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die!

A little short story based on some good old Lovecraft

Sinerenia is my world


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It was a cold dark night in early fall. The wind blew lightly so we could hear the rustling of leaves while the cold made us shiver. Suddenly a shadowy figure appeared in the distance moving towards us carefully when a hideous screech came from behind us everyone took off running in different directions ! I got the feeling of floating as I ran not understanding what happened everything came to a halt! Why would anyone jump off a 500 foot cliff asked the Park Ranger?


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I heard a gentle tapping at the back door. Thunder and rain grew more intense. Was it hail? I turned up the TV. Tapping grew into banging. The back door glass cracked. My heart raced. Check or call the police? They would never arrive in time. Steeling myself against fear, I folded the recliner and walked slowly to the back door. The banging was steady, rhythmic, and not maniacal. The door flexed at both the top and bottom as the lock struggled to hold it. How could something bang the top AND the bottom of the door at the SAME time?

The blinds swung wildly into the room with each blow. Just as I was at the door and gathered up the guts to open it, the Monopoly board-sized pane of glass shattered against the blinds, shards came through with force to embed themselves into my face and arms. I froze in place, in shock and pain, but also petrified that a hand was going to shoot through the blinds and grab me by the throat. I breathed once, twice, and then a third time at which point I grabbed the doorknob and jerked the door open. My adrenaline coursed into my body at full force in those few breaths. I was ready to tear into whoever was plaguing my previously relaxing evening.

My shock intensified at the fact that no one was there. I stepped over the broken glass and into the torrential downpour to urgently look. I ran to the front. No one. No cars, no lights retreating around the corner. No way in those couple of seconds that anyone could have simply disappeared. My house and I were damaged, but no physical person had caused it.

I went back into the house, closed the door, and looked for a broom to clean up the glass. Not sure what to use to cover the broken window opening. Picking up a large piece of glass that fell, I heard a tap, tap, tap coming from the front door. This was going to be a long night ...

East Nagach

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There was a world once, a very scary world that you would not want to visit. The people in this world were not like you and me, for they did not know how to argue. Now I think I know what you're thinking, "Isn't this supposed to be a scary place?". It is! The scariest of places no less. For without arguement, this world never developed trolls, and as we all know you can't have a bridge without a troll. Now you understand, a world without bridges is a scary world indeed. So let us protect this world by going out and arguing with everyone you find!

X world


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While visiting my mom and sitting outside on steps in the wee hours of the night, I see this little white kitty wobbling down the street. Oh, it's hurt. Here kitty kitty.
It hears me, oh, and it's turning towards me. Poor baby. Here kitty kitty
It turns into her driveway oh, it's so pretty. All white!. Here kitty kitty
Poor baby, wonder if it's hungry - well I don't want to scare it by moving now, it's almost to the walkway. Here kitty kitty
Turning onto the walkway, it must be someone's cat. It's listening to me. About 20 feet now. Here kitty kitty
Wait a sec
That's not a cat
it's not hurt. That's just how it walks.
it's a skunk!
holy crap GO AWAY GO AWAY
I ran inside



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The evening was almost over, little tommy and karen had finally settled down for bed; The phone jangled disturbing the show Rachel was watching. Answering, the parents of the children just want to check up on the kids. Rachel mentioned that Karen was scaredof the decoration in living room. "what decoration?" her father asked. The clown statue... the father interrupted her, "GET the KIDS and GET OUT.. We have NO clown statue".


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With Halloween quickly approaching we would like to hear a scary story. This story must be 350 words or less.Only one entry per person. Please place the world you want to receive your prize in your post as well. The top 3 stories will receive 300 Diamonds.

Get your friends in the game involved. If we have more then 100 entries, 2 more prizes will be added .

Contest ends 10/31/2018 11:59 pm EST

Winners will be chosen at random

Good Luck!!
True story: I was pet sitting my friends 2 cats on Halloween night. I was lying on the sofa watching TV, with one cat in a sphinx pose on my chest and the other curled up by my feet. Suddenly both cats began hissing, eyes wide and ears flattened back. They were string at the wall behind me. This happened 3 times that night. I never saw or heard what set them off, but whatever it was, I'm glad the cats were there to scare it away.


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At 15 years of age I was excited to go down to my grandmother's finca (ranch) in the Yucatan Peninsula. My grandmother had warned me of the duendes, the mischievous elves of the jungle. I had already found their knots in the horses' manes...three knotted strands knotted into one. One even had a little braid at the end! Took me at least an hour to get each one out.
One day, as I was gazing out on the fields from the window, I saw a wooden post near the edge of the jungle that I had never seen before. I called my grandmother and asked her about it. She said that it should not be there. She sent a man out to investigate. He saw it from the house, and headed out. We saw him walk to the spot and pass by the post and then pass by it again. Each time it leaned away from him. When he came back he said he could not find it!
Later a light appeared at night, where there should be no light. As the area was often infiltrated by Communist Guerrillas my grandmother and the forman took their guns and went out to investigate. I saw their light leave the house and go toward the other light. The lights met, then separated. When my grandmother returned she said they had found nothing!
This all happened 50 years ago.

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