Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback


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Here it is! A new event with tons of new items! So we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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"Then you can use them at your convenience, they will stay in your inventory for as long as you wish. Effects from the boosts can add up - except for the attack boost - so you can use multiple boosts at once."

Can we get clarification on this?

Does that mean we can't use small, medium, and large attack boosts at same time - but one of each, respectively, will still apply on top of all other city boosts?


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Like Dursland, I would like additional clarification, specifically are the Boosts gained from the Boost Crates permanent boosts? or are they 1 time use boosts?


Yes they are temporary. the duration depends on the size of the boost small/medium and large. The amount of boost is reflected as well by the size.

so Forgers..Size does matter


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My suggestion is to let us do the quests in the order we want to. This would allow various play styles to have more fun instead of having to do things a certain way.


As long as there is a realistic chance at getting all 5 buildings just by completing all of the Quests (and WITHOUT having to spend any Diamonds), then I think this 5 building "super bonus" thing is a great concept. I have been able to read up on the Stats for all of the buildings so far, with the exception for 1 of them (the Nishikigoi Pond), and I love that we can and/or will get ALL of the following; Coins, Supplies, Medals, Goods, Happiness, FPs, AND up to a 3% bonus increase to both our Attack and Defense units, and all from only a "mere" 5x5 space. LOL

Considering that space is such a premium quality, especially the higher in Age/Eras a Players is, that 1st having the Devs come up with (and then getting management to approve) this concept is almost a miracle, at least from my perspective and from what has been done by management in the last 4 yrs I've been playing this game. :)o_O:D


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The Event looks a bit complicated, a lot of fun, and some interesting new twists. Looking forward to this. And the inevitable display of the mathematically challenged.

Good stuff, INNO.

4/17/17 : Final thoughts:

Most complaints seemed to revolve around the ill perceived notion that the set was too difficult to acquire, the 5 BP booby prize, and the double requirement of the Bad 3 Quests, tech, scout, acquire.

There was some fun and educational postings about the best strategy to employ in this Event.

Finished the Event with 2 Lanterns left. Scored the set and an SoK, 60 FP, RK, Store. I'm fine with my outcome, but I think I could have scored two more SoK if i had played this properly.

Which for me would have been to determine if I was chasing a set or SoK/HoF. Then focused on that. For the set, patience and opening only small chests, higher chance of eventually hitting the 2 needed pieces. For the SoK/HoF do the large chests, better consolation prizes if you miss on the faily prize.

I wound up opening 15 large chests and 2 small ones. I did not do the final Daily Quest, I did win 2 200 Lantern prizes, so my yield of Lanterns not from chests was around 1450 Lanterns.

I think this was a first class Event. 2 Quest lines and the set concept were top notch ideas. Players had a decent shot at winning Good Prizes. The daily Prizes were first rate. The large chest 5 BP booby prize was my only serious objection.

Well done INNO.
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The question is, Will they allow us to have a chance at all the buildings in the daily prize. They make seem as if the Gong is special and will not be offered as a regular building.


Just some info:

The set will have 2 residential buildings that will require road connections and they are on opposite sides. The attack benefit per set is 5% not 3%.
4 of the pieces in the set have been a daily prize and offer a fair chance to get them (with diamonds). The Gong has only been given at the end of the quest line and as a grand prize in beta but its not over yet.


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Is there anyway we can get the amount of production and how much of a boost is for each building. The ? I have will these building really be worth it for that much space that is needed.

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With regard to the defense boost, I find that it needs to apply to the attacking forces more so than the defending ones. Attack boost is great for Artillery and Ranged. For the close-combat troops the defense boost would be helpful. I don't see the benefit in using the defense boost if it only applies to defending from PvP attacks. This also goes for the Tavern bonus, as I know of very few people who have even tried it and none that used it more than once.