Spring Event - The Cherry Blossom Festival Feedback


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I realize my sample size is incredibly small
Indeed, and so it is completely irrelevant to determining what the odds are.

... thus ~11.1% odds ... thus 25% odds ...
These aren't odds, they are outcomes. If you flip a coin 5 times and it comes up heads four times, that does not mean that the odds of getting a head is 80%, it just means that you got heads 80% of the time ... totally different things (although they converge with enough throws, due to the Law of Large Numbers).

but it seems backwards.
As numerous calculations and simulations have shown, the chances are somewhat better of getting a daily special via bronze chests than via gold chests ... but the unattached units from bronze chests are pretty worthless, so even the folks who have done the math tend to go for gold chests.

However, it almost feels as if the percentages for the grand prize in the bronze and gold chests ought to be switched, at least visually.
I have no idea what that means, and I doubt that you do either.
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I wanted a Rogues Hideout, got 3 ToB blueprints, 1 Zeus, and 1 Hagia Sophia ... fooey. And I've decided not to take a province (already infiltrated) and go scouting just so I can infiltrate 5 sectors, so I guess that's it for me.


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No, it has no relation to karma (which doesn't exist anyway, else there wouldn't a lot of good or innocent people suffering and a lot of crooks living high off the hog). Fate or destiny, OTOH, does indeed sound a lot like ha-ha-ha .. the gods do laugh at us mere mortals.

I changed my mind and went to war against the province. Lots of training of new recruits going on in the barracks now.
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I'm pretty happy with what might be my last Gold Chest.
I won my Blueprints on the previous roll, with a tiny chest to take the statistical hit.
[I showed this images a few pages ago.]

feel the blueprint.png

I was looking for a Store Building or Renovation Kit.
I have enough Rogue Hideouts, and I got what I was looking for.


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I think the Cherry Blossom event is a great addition to the game; I have really enjoyed it.
I think just about everyone did.


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I got my Cherry Blossom stuff to this point and I am hoping to get a second Sakura Rock tomorrow. Oh. I cannot upload my image. (sigh)
Yeah, this was a great event. I just wish my luck would have been better as to get the whole set.

Perhaps another thing that could be added is a bonus for completing all the daily, secondary quests. Something like being able to choose one of the five pieces for your reward, or a choice between other special buildings.


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Just wanted to share some of my stats. Went for Wishing Wells on 21 cities. Out of 21 cities and probably just over 21,000 lanterns spent I averaged 2.8 Wishing Wells per city. 59 Wishing Wells total out of probably somewhere around 175 gold chests, didn't keep track of how many chests, came out to just above the stated percentage around 33%. One city only got 1 WW, two others (9%) got 5, 8 of 21 (38%) got 2 ww's.

Eric LC

Having played this game for over 4 years now, I would say this is one of the better events FoE has released. Getting all the parts of the Cherry Blossom set was far easier than I expected, with only two set pieces being left up to chance. FoE did a great job with offering those two set items multiple times as the daily special. The chances to win the Daily Special was fairly good at 7, 13, and 25% depending on Chest. The 25% chance to potentially win SoK's in this event was much better than I remember compared to past recent events, and for players that stuck to the gold chests all the way through they should have been able to win at least one SoK from getting the Grand Prize. My only gripe is that they didn't add animations to the Cherry Garden set parts.


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I'm going to miss this event. I hope that this is a sign of things to come from Inno. Someone deserves a promotion and with 3 diamond offers, God knows they can afford it.


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Final thoughts:

Most complaints seemed to revolve around the ill perceived notion that the set was too difficult to acquire, the 5 BP booby prize, and the double requirement of the Bad 3 Quests, tech, scout, acquire.

There was some fun and educational postings about the best strategy to employ in this Event.

Finished the Event with 2 Lanterns left. Scored the set and an SoK, 60 FP, RK, Store. I'm fine with my outcome, but I think I could have scored two more SoK if i had played this properly.

Which for me would have been to determine if I was chasing a set or SoK/HoF. Then focused on that. For the set, patience and opening only small chests, higher chance of eventually hitting the 2 needed pieces. For the SoK/HoF do the large chests, better consolation prizes if you miss on the faily prize.

I wound up opening 15 large chests and 2 small ones. I did not do the final Daily Quest, I did win 2 200 Lantern prizes, so my yield of Lanterns not from chests was around 1450 Lanterns.

I think this was a first class Event. 2 Quest lines and the set concept were top notch ideas. Players had a decent shot at winning Good Prizes. The daily Prizes were first rate. The large chest 5 BP booby prize was my only serious objection.

Well done INNO.