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Startup Guild - Looking for Active Players to Join Our Community


Our guild is pretty active, and looking for interested new members to join our community. We have cities on some other worlds as well, and haven't really found many guilds that are near as socially active as we are. Though we are newer, with the highest age the Early Middle Ages, we are gaining steam, have won some bronze medals, and are eager for more adventure and success!

Here are some juicy deets - if you are interested then hop on over! Expeditions end soon but our guild doesn't have any applications currently. Take a gander at our information and see if our guild might be a nice new home for you :)

Guild Name: Omnipotence
World: Langendorn
Guild Age: Approximately 2 weeks, born in Mid-October 2018
Guild Composition: Newer players within their first two weeks to two months

Omnipotence is a community-based guild; our purpose is to join together for collaborative progression.

Ways that our members support each other and the guild:
- Great Building Construction Chains (FP Swaps)
- Polivating
- Tavern Visitation
- Guild Expedition Participation
- Administrative Positions - we are excited to offer administrative privileges to active members that want to help support the guild

Notes: Our Guild is new as of October, 2018. Our members are new players within their first 2 weeks through two months, so we are learning the game and developing our strategy. We will eventually consider GVG, however with our limited resources, buildings, and armies, we are primarily focused on getting off the ground.

We welcome more advanced players, particularly those with Arcs, Observatories, and other buildings that we have few to none of.

Membership Guidelines: (See below for asterisks)
- Members are be active at least weekly*
- Members participate in Great Building Construction Chains
- Members polivate and visit taverns as frequently as possible
- Members complete the first level of the weekly Guild Expedition**

* Inactivity - we have to pay for all guild members to unlock levels of the weekly expedition, if you will be inactive for more than 7 days please let us know so we don't boot you

** New Players - for those within their first 8 weeks, we understand that resources and troops are tight, we will trade with you and offer advice - just ask! It's ok if you can't get through the first level of the expedition, but we encourage you to try so you gain battle experience and get some sweet rewards!


Here's some fun art related to our guild. When I saw the guild flag of the eye I thought of the Omnipotent / All-seeing eye, and the Omnipotence Guild was subsequently born. Enjoy!

All Seeing Eye - Seeing Is Believing.jpg

Omnipotent Eye 1.jpg

Omnipotent Eye 2.jpg