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Still looking for an active and fun guild??? Look no further!!

Sapphire Nexus is looking for active GE members!! Our record is 133-16-0

We are active players who are having a blast helping each other – and we like to win at everything!!!

We are a small group of serious players and have high expectations! We always welcome new members who want to excel at this game. If you are interested and agree with our principles in the profile, message Rasqual the Stealthy or Lady Leokadia to apply.

Benefits include 4 FP daily from TH, aggressive Sticks to Bricks, GB Power Leveling, and extremely active FP swap threads - not to mention special giveaways every once in a while!!

If you are interested, message Rasqual the Stealthy or Lady Leokadia to learn more and to apply.

Our principles are pretty simple:
1. Have fun!
2. Be respectful of other guild members – no profanity or rude comments please.
3. Remain active; Aid, Motivate, or Polish guild members (if Aiding is too time consuming for you, we ask that you prioritize with guild first, then friends and neighborhood); participate in guild chat regularly and respond to guild leadership messages.
4. Donate to every Sticks to Bricks (StB) notice, even if it exceeds level 3 – we are very aggressive in getting every new GB up and running quickly!
5. Participate vigorously in Guild Expedition – we prefer that you start early and complete quickly except during active quests that have GE requirements. We have a tiered system; Iron Age and Early Middle Age complete at least 16 encounters (level 1); High Middle Age and Late Middle Age complete at least 32 encounters (level 2); Colonial Age and above complete at least 48 encounters (level 3). More is encouraged and definitely appreciated. If you don’t think you will be able to meet the next level of GE requirements, remain in your current age until you are able – we don’t want you to struggle to meet our expectations. Failure to complete GE requirement for your age will result in “log out” from the guild for 7 days, with invitation to rejoin sent upon “log out”. Understanding that it is a game and people have real life situations as well, we ask that you log yourself out for the duration of your real-life situation if it is at all possible. We will welcome you back upon your return from your real-life situation.
6. Have, and regularly collect from, one of the guild treasury great buildings (Observatory, Atomium, or The Arc) or be willing to aggressively obtain one as soon as possible. The guild has a program to help members obtain an Observatory quickly.

Charter date 5/14/17
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