"Store All Temporarily" button for Reconstruction Mode

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its not.i play on pc
On the reason on i was commenting..:YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I NEED THIS I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS IN THE GAME!
SIDE NTOE>WELCOME TO THE FORUM! SIDE NOTE:you already figured agent out, that was quick..can you send me a PM explaining how ty:)@willerz
Hi Dreadful Cadillac,

As others have said, you click the "Store Building Temporarily" button in the reconstruction mode, click on a building/road/deco and then hold the mouse button down as you move across your city.

Hopefully that helps you out :)


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Hi Agent,

That's a pretty sound assumption. In comparison to some that have been playing for years (perhaps such as yourself), you're right... I just started playing.
When dropping 3000 fp in a GB you are glad you can do it at least with 10 at a time.

However, sticking to the topic of the proposal, please let me know if there are any other changes to be made to the proposal to make it more totally correct or if you have any other feedback for it. I'd be more than happy to consider other angles.
No. I will remain against it. I have a maxed out VF city and can swipe it clean in about 3 seconds. Having devs work on a button to do it in 1 sec is totally ridiculous.

Besides that, how many do actually remove the entire city? Much better way to work is remove part of it to make free space and next start moving buildings. If you work from scratch you are bound to make more mistakes.


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Hi Agent,

Thanks for the follow up response. I believe I put the following words under the "Current Situation" part of the proposal "click, hold, and drag across entire city", which matches your response pretty closely about swiping across your city. Perhaps I'll alter the wording to make it more clear to reduce chances one might assume my understanding of the Current Situation to be "totally wrong".

Now, whether that's NEEDED or not, I would say I'd LIKE it... Thus I'm proposing it.
Will, congratulations on holding your own in this crowd. I most especially like that you keep your temper and do not appear to take comments personally.

I'm afraid that, although not nearly as dramatic as Darth (you'll beat me to Broadway, Mr Mole), my sentiments fall into his camp. It is already possible to mouse-click/swipe ... it has to be easier than that?

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+1 I don't care. I'd never use it. I hardly use RC mode as it is. When I do it's usually over a small area and just to get a few things out of my way.
I find the mode to be somewhat more useful on mobile than browser, mobile cities can be a pain to rearrange compared to browser.


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I find the mode to be somewhat more useful on mobile than browser, mobile cities can be a pain to rearrange compared to browser.
That's likely true. I also pre-plan everything in City Planner so I know exactly what changes need to be made before I even start the process.

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I'm not gonna want to argue, but, yes, I'd vote for it. This is why we have the "Add 10 FP" button, so we don't have to click a whole lot. Removing roads and small decorations can be a huge pain.


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Won't you be disappointed soon then.
Why would I be? I'm not the one proposing this or complaining about it. If they improve Reconstruction Mode, great! I've advocating for changes in the past. But the fact remains, you can already do what has been asked for in this proposal. Yes, they're making it EVEN EASIER. That's fine. But this proposal is so unnecessary in multiple ways. I'm simply responding to comments that refuse to acknowledge reality... past, present, or future.
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