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Surprise Boxes


New Member
Will there ever come a time when the Surprise Box will be known AFTER the event starts/ends. I have not had the room to put my last two event buildings in and now I have 3 Surprise Boxes (1 for next event and 2 for previous events) and they look the same. If I get the room to put in my Druid Temple, how do I tell it from the Suishun Mill and any others I may not be able to locate immediately.
Surprise Boxes.jpg


Well-Known Member
It shows contents in mobile app. But yeah, just open them and you’ll solve the problem as all the boxes give a selection kit corresponding to that event.
I was told that if you had already built the level-1 building (that you got during the event), opening the box would give you upgrades whereas if you hadn't built the building, the box would give you the level-1 building, thereby depriving you of an upgrade. Is that incorrect?


Active Member

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Does clicking on the picture of the box instead of hovering bring up the contents on PC? I don't have any unopened past event boxes to check with. I know clicking on the picture works with fragments and upgrades, and thought I remember it working with surprise boxes as well