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Tavern visitors who are not friends

I just checked the tavern for one of my cities. I have a visitor who is not my friend (not that I mind), but how does this happen? I don't think he sat down and then decided to unfriend me...


Well-Known Member
Yes that can actually happen as people will sometimes give you a goodbye aid or tavern sit before ending a friendship. Check your townhall I seem to recall it includes a message when a friendship is ended.

Also possible they changed their mind but I would think that would change it in the tavern as well.
You're right, he unfriended me. Don't know why, we're not in the same guild and I am diligent about aiding and tavern sitting every day. Although I do get a lot of "tavern full" messages when doing this, so maybe I haven't been able to visit his and he thought I wasn't trying.
I have aided and Taverned and then deleted. If I do not get enough Aid and tavern vists backI unfriend players.I aid every day and expect the same in return.
Some players use th Friends list as a place to snipe Great Buildings.
As I said, I am diligent about aiding and tavern sitting daily. Anyone who doesn't think I'm reciprocating doesn't empty their tavern often enough.