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Hi all nice thread. Am 55 yrs of age, am a Pacific Islander of origin. Hobbies love to sing can play a musical instrument for fun Uke or guitar or a flute. Usually can pick up on music have an ear for it. Love dancing, fave is hip hop. (Love to watch professional dancers) Actually enjoy skateboarding. (Started that late in life because, for some reason, couldn't get the balance before but got it now). Enjoyed martial arts for many years as exercise and sport. Fun sports are Volleyball both in and out of the water, table tennis, golf, frisbee games and basketball. Lately been working out at the gym for something to do. I enjoy diversity and different cultures. Have a family hubby and 3 boys.


This is all funny!!! Im 41 divorced father of 2 super cool boys. Been in sales for about 20 years and I absolutely love gaming! Sorry not a cat lover but I do love my dumb dog! Shes my Dumb Dumb! I play mostly in C world but got farms in A, W, and X. Oh yea Im from Minnesota so Im a Vikings fan!!! Yea Yea Yea I know we will probably never win a Super Bowl, I dont wanna hear it!


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56 - disabled veteran - medically retired - home based business - author/publisher 2 dogs a Beagle mix and a Maltese (we dubbed her the tasmaian tribble) - my Icon was my buddy who passed away suddenly when i was having knee replacement surgery 6 years ago
Always good to meet another dog person. Sorry to hear about your buddy. As if it weren't hard enough just dealing with the knee rehab.


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:) 60 yo Application Workflow Analyst (healthcare) - means I'm not tech savvy enough to build the system, but I'm the one who helps translate users needs to finished product. Working remotely from home (Florida). Allows me to indulge my dogs (1 Shih Tzu at the moment) and walk several hours/day. GO GIANTS
Always good to meet another dog person. Sorry to hear about your buddy. As if it weren't hard enough just dealing with the knee rehab.
Thanks - it was 6 years ago and it was 3 days before I was going to pick him up from the sitter - it was hard to tell who was more devastated - me or my friend who was watching him


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Hi! I am 24 and I am a writer. I live in the south of Texas where it is so hot that I have only seen real snow once in my life! lol, I also have chickens, cats, and though I don't have a dog right now, I used to have a German Shepherd and soon hope to get a Blue Lacy puppy so I can have a dog again.

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Nice. I am a 15-year old male, high-school sophomore. I play the violin and the piano (I am very good at both). Besides these, my hobbies are folding origami, working outside, regardless of weather, and cooking. Spanish is my first language, and am currently learning German and Japanese. Thank you.


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Live in southern California.
Work in the paint department at a Home Depot. (I get to play with colors!)
Know a Seabee that works in Electrical.
I love dogs and turn into a pile of mush around puppies. Have a Chihuahua mix that lives with my dad.
Live in somebody else's house.


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Live in Coastal Oregon
Helicopter Electrician/mechanic
Love playing disc golf!
Young life leader :)

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I'm fairly new here, I'vr identified those that make sense. Since this isn't a proposal, I didnt check the records to see if I was in default. My apologies if I am.

Purpose of the thread: to get to konw whom you are talking to, and at.
To gain a little insight into who you might be taking too. Sometimes knowing that helps with your response.

I guess the best way to promote my thread is to go first.
62 years old
Hi I am 18 years old

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Sry boutthat , my name is Ethan and I am 18, I am in college, My DNA is Norwegian, Danish, and SwedishSwedish. Which are where the strongest Vikings originated from. And I live in Missouri

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I cannot type today sry
No worries, carnal, happens to everyone.

Some other stuff I forgot to mention.
I work out every day, since I am trying to get RIPPED!
Another one of my hobbies is writing piano music, and playing board games. FoE is my favorite video game. You can probably guess my favorite board game. (hint, look at my profile pic and username)