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No worries, carnal, happens to everyone.

Some other stuff I forgot to mention.
I work out every day, since I am trying to get RIPPED!
Another one of my hobbies is writing piano music, and playing board games. FoE is my favorite video game. You can probably guess my favorite board game. (hint, look at my profile pic and username)
Me to and also i have Russian Girlfriend
I'm a 54 year #ProChef in Manhattan NY.
I'm married 15 years now w 4 children. I live in Brooklyn NY. I've been a Chef all my life. I started washing dishes at 12-13 years old. I play FoE cuz I had to quit playing Poker on the internet. I played Poker for close to 6 years, religiously. It caused me alot of stress. Which my wife was growing increasingly opposed to. So I had to find some other game to play. I used to play a Wargame called Advanced Squad Leader, which is a extremely difficult game to explain. The rule book alone, was near 1000 pages, double columns, double sided pages. I enjoyed that game for more than 12-15 years; but I moved away from my principal playing partner. That's when I started with the next gaming "chapter" as I gravitated towards MMOG. Specifically, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. That lasted 9 years. I had a full blown, high end gaming rig~all custom built. When my character died somewhere around 2-3 years into his "life" and I couldnt believe that 4-5 years had just disappeared so I found the poker on my cell phone, to pass the time. Fast forward to present day, and I'm close to 3 years of daily FoE play.
I love cats. Like dogs. I spend time with my 3 boys, the youngest being 5 next week. My wife threw my computer out after a partition of the 2 disk drives blue screened me. She had no idea that rig cost close to $8K-$9K. Her world isnt wrapped up the same, as ours is.
I travel to South America, as we own some houses there, and I love going to our Beach House right on the Pacific Ocean. Especially cuz I grew up on Long Island, NY. I also play Chess, but my 2 older boys cant beat me (yet!) so theres only online chess left. I'm a huge NFL/MLB fan and enjoy that alot.
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Super Catanian

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20 years old
Call Center Operations Manager
Former Forum Moderator on Forge Of Empires, U.S.
I may be young but I am experienced in a lot.


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61 y/o retired LEO married to my childhood sweetheart who keeps me on my toes.
In my spare time I'm a Commercial Photographer and maintain a stock photo library.
By my stature It is quite obvious I was a highschool athlete.
I enjoy cooking, maintaining our sportscars and traveling.
My garage resembles a yardsale. Binford's got nothing on me...

Just killing time before it kills me. I enjoy the game.


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28 years old.
Born & raised in Ukraine, now currently living in the U.S.
My mother was born in Elst, Kalmykia and met my father while in nursing duty in east Ukraine and thus I was created.
I'm a visual artist, independent writer, occultist and founder of several black metal bands.
I enjoy RPG/MMORPGs, horror novels, dark artwork, slasher films, obscure hardcore punk and folk music.
My favourite food is anything east-Slavic or anything from Asia.

Nice to meet you!

Random history tidbit:
In my home country, my first band (Каркас or "cadaver") was notorious for our raw sound and stage antics which included burning altars, fire breathing, self mutilation, animal limbs/corpses and mock torture of nude women.
Being an openly anti-communist band,
We went to war against a growing Nationalist Socialist scene which resulted in various acts of violence and two murders.
My closest friend was the co-founder of the band, but taking his own life in 2004 respectfully ended the band.

Oswyn the kind

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i dont like talking about work outside of err work. iam a bit of a secretive person, keeping to myself. but iam married, one kid. love cats and dogs, iam living in the united states,. -off topic.."never have i imagined i would actually get involved with online games, with foe, im liking it a lot. theres no other place i rather be."

Godly Luke

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I am a 13 yo that loves FOE. Someday, I want to work for Inno, doing god knows what. I love this game and the community here. But unfortunately, I'm not well liked, because of this game. But I don't care what they say; this game is fun! FoE!

Whittley little

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I'm Whitley but I go by my last name..(little).Been playing FOE almost a year but I'm taking my time with it. I'm 30 years old I work at a paving company. Live in Daytona Beach FL!!