Tell Me Who you Are....


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I'll be 29 yrs old in September. I've lived in Western Maryland all of my life and I love it here. I currently work in health care at a hospital. I actually enjoy my career. I'm very active and love to play sports (im very good at many so it can be anything that we feel like doing) with friends whenever we are free and have the time. I'm great with animals and vice versa. I currently have one dog and one cat. I used to have a German Shepherd that was so greatly trained and loyal that I could walk him without a lease on and he would stick right by my thigh. I don't like to think about him much because it makes me want to cry, as if you're a pet person, you know that they are like your children as well. I've played many online games while I've had desktop computers in the past, but since I've been primarily using mobile devices as of the last ten years or so, I only play one now. Speaking of, I've been playing FoE for almost 4 years now but I only became seriously invested just about 3 years ago now. I'm someone who people know that if they need help with anything that all they need to do is ask. Every one who knows me also can 100% guarantee that what they tell me in private will never see the light of day, regardless of whether you're my friend or not. My first day on the forums was also my first day as a moderator. I always try to treat everyone with respect, even whenever I'm not in the best mood myself.

I guess this is more than just a little about myself. Anyway, this is as far as I can go regarding details pertaining to myself.

Hope you enjoy your day/night! ;):)