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Tercio Warriors is recruiting active members who want success in GBG & GE

Ghengis Ron

New Member
We are a low drama level 68 guild with plenty of opportunities to fight but not a lot of pressure.

We will be consistently in diamond GBG, We nearly always win GE & provide support for our members to negotiate or fight in GE. We are not particularly active in GvG (got tired of watching maps) but we will allow you mostly free reign if you want to fight in GvG. (we are actually #1 on the PE map primarily from the activity of a single player!)

Our swap threads turn over quickly & run up to 200fp. We have a 1.9 thread for folks who are willing to make spots lockable for our many members with level 80 Arcs. If your are still building your Arc you can count on plenty of support. Needed goods swaps will also move quickly.

We have simple rules

Give at least 1fp to new GBs (regardless of their level when you get to them)

Complete 32 encounters in GE every week & 48 encounters when demanded for a competitive week (we typically do 110-115% on a slow week, 120-130% on a competitive week)

Complete 100 advancements in each GBG cycle (negotiations = 2, fights = 1)


For GBG, we need people who can show some discipline & only fight in the provinces listed. In order to stay in diamond, we often work with preloading provinces without taking them & while you will have plenty of opportunities to win rewards, we need people who do not go rogue & fight in the wrong places or finish preloads without being instructed to do so.