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Already Suggested The ability to change the final stage of an event building.

Do you support this idea?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • No

    Votes: 3 60.0%

  • Total voters
Adding the ability to change an event building final stage with the use of an upgrade kit.

Over years of playing the game, a players play style can change the the focus and direction of their city can change with it. Years ago I had no interest in battling in the game and focused my city and building types on Forge Point gain. With the addition of Guild Battle Grounds my, like many others, focus changed more towards increasing my combat ability. Now I find myself with numerous event buildings I would like to change the final stage of for better combat stats. As they stand they will just get removed and replace with some other building with the desired stats, but if these buildings could have their final stage changed, they could remain useful for some time in the future.

Using an upgrade kit on an existing building on its final stage will give the user the ability to change the final stage type of the event building. Selection kits will also have the ability after upgrade is selected. As an example; The Ship Upgrade Kit could be used on The Royal Ship to change it to The Trader Ship or The Pirate Ship, making it more useful if the player changes their play style.

Visual Aids:
All graphics needed are already in the game.

This could increase the casual players ability to be more competitive alongside and/or against more hardcore players in battle. This could also add more value to upgrade kits in the Antiques Dealer as more players will be willing to to buy an upgrade to change their building, instead of having to try to get a full set of upgrades, which most players decide is not worth the effort.

Abuse Prevention:
The only way I can see to abuse this feature would be a player with a large number of upgrades continually changing back and forth for combat abilities when fighting and Forge Point gain before collection. This can easily be prevented with a 3 or 6 month cool down before the building can be changed again.

In summary, I feel this change will be beneficial to the average player which will help keep them engaged and more competitive by allowing them to change their play style with more ease.


Well-Known Member
No. I like that some decisions are fixed. Besides, most everything is for sale in the AD. Buy enough pieces for the top level whatever you want to have now and swap.

But, but ... that's work and costs more!


Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
The other possible way would have some item that would 'Remove a level from any Event building" Thus you could remove teh last level and replace it with a new upgrade to change teh final result. The 'Remove a level could become a very special item in the AD or one time only in an event.