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The Aztecs are here!

Dear Kings & Queens,

We are proud to present you our brand new Cultural Settlement: The Aztecs! This is the fourth of our Cultural Settlements, and your job is to help Moctezuma II by gathering resources to build up a new village.

You can start exploring the Aztecs settlement on November 9th, 2020.
"Explorer! You have traveled far to study our culture. I am generous and grant you access to this piece of land. Build a new village for me and I'll share my knowledge with you."

To achieve your goal to build up a new village, you will need Cocoa Beans. This resource is used to produce Cultural Goods (similar to resources from previous settlements: Copper, Koban and Deben). Make sure to build residential and diplomacy buildings in your Settlement to produce enough Cocoa Beans. Go through the 20 quests to claim your settlement reward! Before you begin, make sure to research the technology Colonies in the Colonial Age, to unlock the Cultural Settlements Aztecs.

The Cultural Settlement Aztecs contains:

  • Your Settlement:
    • One Off-Grid Building
    • One Main Building
    • 4 Goods Buildings
    • 3 Residential Buildings
    • 7 Diplomacy Buildings
    • 11 Construction Sites
    • 30 Expansions
    • 10 Impediment Removals
  • Your City
    • Two Reward Buildings
      • Sun Temple (9 levels - size: 4x3)
      • Jade Statue (5 levels - size: 2x2)
    • Four Emissaries
      • Chimalli
      • Ichtaca
      • Amoxtli
      • Acamapichtli

New Feature - Minigame!

On the outskirts of your village stands an imposing Courtyard Market. Upon completing the first 6 quests, the Courtyard Market feature will be unlocked and it will serve as your entry-point to the minigame. Once per day, you can play up to three minigames and get the chance to earn additional goods for your settlement. You can always dismiss the minigame to potentially get something better the next day.

As soon as you open the Courtyard, you can choose one of the three available minigames and each one will show you how many goods you can possibly grab. The minigame is a fixed size map with 77 tiles (height 7; width 11), and your goal is to find all the hidden rewards.

You will start with free turns, which you can spend by clicking in a covered tile to reveal it, and then it can reveal a reward, an empty tile that will uncover other empty tiles adjacent to it or a number indicating how many rewards are placed within their adjacent tiles (please keep in mind that these numbers will also count the rewards you have already collected). Finally, when you run out of turns, you will have three options:
  1. You can simply collect the rewards you found.
  2. You can double the amount of goods by paying a few diamonds through "boost outcome".
  3. Or you can buy more turns with diamonds to keep playing (unless you've already found every single reward).
  • 5 Turns available to play
  • 8 of 12 goods collected
  • Minigame info-screen
  • Close the minigame
  • A reward was found here
  • [/URL] Number of rewards adjacent
  • Covered tiles to reveal
  • Uncovered empty tiles

The first 3 games you play will have an additional view. At the end of the first 3 mini-games, after you collect the reward, the minigame will reveal all its tiles, thus you can have a better understanding of this new feature. The minigame is a fixed size map with 77 tiles (height 7; width 11) and it's not mandatory for you to finish the Cultural Settlement, but it can help you to finish it faster, as it provides you with an additional resource to support your fast progress. Please note that the luck bonus (x4) does not apply to this minigame.


Impediments are also present in the Aztecs settlement and they will restrict your building area, thus making each settlement a puzzle! Every time you start a new playthrough, those impediments will be rearranged, adding an extra layer of challenge to organizing the settlement. However, just like in the Egypt Settlement, impediments can be removed with pickaxes in the Aztecs settlement as well. Pickaxes can be found by completing the questline, or you can purchase up to five of them with diamonds. Once you have a pickaxe, open build mode, and click on the impediment you want to remove, then select if you want to use Diamonds for the removal or one of your stock from quests. Be careful, there are a limited number of pickaxes available for purchase and free in the questline.


To show his gratitude, Moctezuma II will grant you some awesome rewards for helping him to build up an Aztec village:

Sun Temple
The Sun Temple is a fantastic 4x3 upgradable building with 9 levels! Upon reaching level 9, this building will provide you coins, supplies, defending boost for attacking army, goods, and forge points.

Upon reaching level 9, it can provide you with:
  • Coins
  • 30% def. boost for attacking army
  • 10 Forge Points
  • When motivated:
    • 40 random goods
    • Supplies
Jade Statue
That's not all, you can earn fragments of the Jade Statue Selection Kit as rewards by finishing the settlement fast enough. The Jade Statue is a 2x2 upgradable building with 5 levels, and it will grant you coins, goods, forge points, and guild treasury goods.

Upon reaching level 5, it can provide you with:
  • Coins
  • Guild production: +10 Goods
  • When motivated:
    • 5 random goods
    • 3 Forge Points

New Emissaries:
Last but not least, the Aztecs settlement have their own Emissaries who will come to your main city and sit in your Town Hall to grant you special bonuses. There are 4 new Emissaries in total and they can be obtained as a reward for finishing 2, 6, 9, and 12 playthroughs in the Aztecs settlement.

1 Forge Point​
Era dependent Supplies​
1 Unit of your age​
2 Random Goods of your age​

We're looking forward to your feedback, so please let us know what you think about the new Cultural Settlements Aztecs :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

The Forge of Empires US Team
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