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The Chosen Wants YOU!


Come join The Chosen, a guild built of the people, by the people, and for the people.

We are a top 20 Guild with all the perks that go along with being such; i.e. Daily FP, atk/def bonus, etc.

We r very organized, successful, well-driven, with great leadership who r there to help u. When I say help u, I mean exactly that. Regardless of ur level we will build ur new GBs for u, help u get ur OBS, Atom, and Arc! We will keep ur kingdom motivated and well polished.

We have threads for everything needed, but we keep the clutter down as to not b overwhelmed with msgs like other guilds. We have members in every Era, and all will help get whatever Era goods u need.

Come enjoy our successful, loyal, and laid-back environment we have created.

Come join The Chosen

contact in game @ Bushido 187


If your guild is so great why do you have to spam the forum for members? Would it kill you to buy a vowel?


Leaving 1 msg on these threads is the best I could do. I hate heavy spamming but a lil spammy is necessary when recruiting. Unfortunately there is not an individual thread for recruiting. I'll see if I can create one actually.


What world are you in? I can move this where it belongs.