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The Commonwealth is looking to grow.


Greetings! I am the leader of The Commonwealth here in Tuulech. Our guild is seeking new players or a smaller guild that would be interested in joining us. We are a participatory & active guild, invested in helping each other succeed. We support each other by motivating and polishing daily, cooperatively raising GBs, we have very active 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 70 and 100 FP exchange threads as well as a 1.85 Arc leveling thread. We place 1st in GE consistently and ask our members to complete at least the first level weekly. Most of us complete through Lev 3 and 4. We are not hugely active in GB, as we find it a drain on time, resources and military for not much reward. A few of our members enjoy it and they play as they choose, if we obtain more interested GB players, we will grow our participation accordingly. We would like to have more people to help each other grow our cities and our guild. If this sounds like you would like to discuss this possibility, please message me.