The Golden Guild is Requesting New Members


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Leave a message after this beep so that I, the leader of an incipient guild of unimaginable splendor and boundless ambition and skill, can conquer with YOU against all who stand against us. Join me. BEEP.

P.S. With membership comes many benefits.

King LeClair

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I would like to join The Golden Guild

I would like to join your Guild. Active daily player. Motivates and polishes daily!


I would like to join. I just restarted because I couldn't find East Nagach, the world I started in. I however do have experience with the game and think I will do a good job on your team.


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Would you be so kind as to send an invite? I'm a bit stuck with Bronze Age troops at the moment, but I'd be happy to help and donate what I can!

I'm on A LOT so expect polishes and motivations if needed :3


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I am interested in joining your guild. I am new to the game but very dedicated in becoming an excellent player. Please accept my application and I will be active and supportive. Thank you, Occipitalis


I am interested in joining your guild! would like to get in and help out. Thanks, Languellk


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I am interested in joining your guild. I just started playing but I am very motivated to help. Send me and invitation. Thanks.


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Are you still looking for guild mates?

If you are still looking for a guild mate drop me an invite. I am still new but learning quickly.


King Goffrey

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I would love to join this guild! Please invite me! I'm a relatively new player in the iron age. My username is: King Goffrey.