The Highland Guards Are Recruiting


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Hello and Greetings friends,

Our Guild Leader High Lord Gentleben sends me out to seek people such as you with an invitation to join, our Guild, The Highland Guards. We are a large but still young Guild, consistently growing and building as individuals and together. We now have chapters present in 10 worlds, (Arvahall, Brisgard, Cirgard, Dunarsund, East Nagach, Fel Darnghyr, Houndsmoor, Jaims, Korch and Longendorn) and some of our members overlap multiple worlds. Yet still, most choose to re-engage, regardless the world, with this guild. Being young and arriving, many Officer/Leadership positions are still open, still being formed. We need leaders, go-getters and highly motivated/active players to join us in the guild versus guild contests (WARFIGHTERS). Which by no means make us a bloodthirsty band as a third of our draw is trade and another third, farming. In this way we meet the needs of our members. OUR MEMBERS INTERNAL NEEDS, HAVE AND GET FIRST PRIORITY. (Supplies, Trades, Information, Training, Great Buildings Support, etc.) We do not tolerate unfair trades amongst ourselves.
Each person brings a unique set of skill traits which are all used to bolster our members, our guild and our friends. Yes even in the virtual world there is a need for training and classes. All of which helps us to aspire to High Lord Gentleben's vision and in the building of each world's chapter of the "HIGHLAND GUARDS" to COSMIC heights. Oh yeah, as you know, ALL trades for goods cost you a forge point to accept. If you are in a Guild (such as ours), All Trades you accept between guild members are free! There are also several other benefits you get by being in THIS Guild, defense comes first to mind, and also does cheerleading and the having use of sounding board ears/pressure venting receptors. I certainly hope you will take the chance to look up and read over our Guild Description, and scope out the open Officer positions at the end. After which give us a chance and join "THE HIGHLAND GUARDS". It might just be you, the one who has an idea to present. Who poses it here, it WILL BE listened to and if found feasible, have it take root and grow. Contact any of our chapter officers with your questions, comments and entry requests. We look forward to hearing positively from interested candidates and hopefully having the honor of including you in the building of the Forge of Empires Multi-Verse best Guild.

Happy and Healthy Gaming,

BigYouth for

Gentleben: Founder


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There's a Report triangle icon in the lower left corner of the the message frame.
I used it, and would recommend that we spam the moderators :rolleyes:


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Yeah, we need to get mod rights sorted out for these forums. I think there is no problem with advertising on the worlds they play, but no point in doing it here.


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how annoying and no way would I join a guild that spams and shouts. Not a very good advertisement for your guild.