[Short Story] The history of my FoE city

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The Caeruleums and the Flavos had been warring tribes in Umbra for the past 700 years when the Rubrums formed. It was just one small political group, led by the funny midget known as Facialis Capillum. No one took him or his political party seriously. He caused quite a stir when he first showed up, but the people of Umbra had more important matters to worry about, such as the ongoing war, and soon paid him little attention. He vowed revenge, and then dropped off the map completely. Everyone thought he had just run away, and "Facialis" soon became slang for a coward. Until twelve years later, that is. It was on a dark and stormy night when he and his forces raided the capitals of Caer and Flavos! For twelve, long years he had been in hiding, building up troops and plotting his revenge! That night became known as Gravis Cordis, and was cut out of the month of Pent-ember to be it's own quarter day! (At least it solved the leap year problem)

15 years later:
The Caeruleums and the Flavos had been living in poverty as peasants to the Rubrum Officers ever since that first night of Gravis Cordis. They had been forced to live together for protection since the raids started. This led to of them, Kjield Viridi, a Flavos, and Camilla Caer, great-great-great-great-grandaughter of Ivan Caerulum himself, being wed. Within a year they had a bouncing baby boy! Their boy was one of the few bright spots in their humble lives, and they named him Johann. It was two days before Johann's thirteenth birthday, when all of that crumbled for Kjield. In one night, his wife was trampled upon by the ruthless Rubrum raiders, and the grief drove him to death two days later. It was a sad birthday for little Johann, having to bury the mangled, lifeless body of his mother and that of his father. He vowed, that, he, Johann Viridi, would one day avenge the deaths of his parents! The creditors came the next day for his house, and he set off on foot for the legendary safe haven of Ecclesia. He walked for four days straight, through the hail and snow of the early year, without rest. It was on the morning of the 7th of Mon-ember that he collapsed on the street, too sick too move. Fortunately for him, a travelling Nun had compassion on him, and took him to the House Of Healings, in no other place than that sought after city of Ecclesia!

17 years later:
He had grown up and become a monk, and the daily happenings of the hidden city kept his heart from the happenings of the outside world, where turmoil and chaos still reigned. But he never could forget that fateful night, or the vow he had made. So, on the morning of his 30 birthday he set out to fulfill that vow. He travelled over 260 miles to Cair Paravel, now known as Viridi, hoping to speak to the elders of Caer and Flavos. He proposed that they work together, stop the century old feud, and put down the Rubrums! He was scorned and called a lunatic. They threw him in the dungeon, where, for the first time in his life, he started to give up. It was at his lowest moment when he first heard Pythia. She was in another cell of the dungeon. "Never Give Up" She said. "How? They all scorned me!" He replied. "Just remember, others have been through far worst. Think of your mother..." She said with a whisper. And he hear no more.

What happened? One may ask. Well, none of the accounts agree on what happened next. Many of the so-called "professionals" say he was taken away and locked on a desert island or beaten to death. The common-folk however, think differently. Personally, I'm pretty sure he succeded. Seeing as how we have now maintained our independence for 400 years, and the country is named Viridi. However it may have happened, the people eventually put aside their differences, and revolted against the Rublums. It was a long, bloody, struggle, but they never gave up, and just look at our thriving country now! Now we have celebration every year, during the feast of Solis Occasum. Gravis Cordis is no more.

Fun Facts:
The major cities include Adamantum, Classem, Ecclesia, Magni-Aedificii, and Viridi.

We use the Aequalis Calendar. This consists of the months of Mon-ember (73 days), Bi-Ember (73 days), Tri-ember (73 days), Quad-ember (73 days), and Ferias (73 Days, plus the feast of Solis Occasum, which is 1/4 day).

Our currency is the Statera, minted in 1, 5, 10, and 50 Statera coins. We have no inflationary paper money. All our coins are made of 99.98% pure silver with no added metals and are worth exactly what it says on the face of the coin.