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The Improved Social Features for Game Entry


Well-Known Member
I highly approve this addition:

“We have also updated the Guilds algorithm of recommended guilds, to show less 1-member guilds and more guilds with 10+ members, to ensure that new players have it easier finding an active guild.”

I wonder if random.dev read this?

Good job, Kranyar. This is a change that can have wonderful effects on player retention, I just hope INNO takes a few more of the steps outlined in Kranyar’s Proposal.

Seems the Tech tree still shows Friends Tavern unlocking with Construction.

Reckon Glarging needs a bit of an update what with the change s in this Announcement.

Random thought: Given that a lot of recent changes and additions to the game have been posted over the years as player requests in various threads, I’d say that anyone still thinking INNO doesn’t consider player Feedback is not paying attention.

gg, INNO


Active Member
It seems like they are delaying some of the simpler parts of the game. Why not push back things like settlements or hold back all plundering until after the Iron Age just so every one is on the same level when they do.
I think the guild change the best thing on the list. I never understood why suggest a guild that offers little in the way of support for any member


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  • The Social Bar and Global Rankings will no longer be unlocked after the Tutorial but with the Technology Thatched Houses.
what!? why? seems stupid to me.


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hold back all plundering until after the Iron Age
The sooner you learn about it, the sooner you can learn to avoid it. If you never experience it, you'll always be new to it when you do. In the lowest ages, you are less likely to be subjected to ruthless plundering for being weak (new) and you can begin to take the necessary steps to mitigate it for the future. Sure, it will happen. But that's part of playing the game. It will certainly happen more when your inexperienced town lands in a higher age and is all of a sudden subjected to something never before faced. And no -- camping in Iron Age doesn't deserve a pass.