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The inevitable "Which GB next" question.....

Ankit Panda

New Member
Looking at your question, I would go CF.Especially with your high level Arc, you can do recurring quest's in a breeze, and get tons of goods for negotiations.If you are a top tier fighter I would say HC, but I would probably keep HC for after CF.


Well-Known Member
It's obvious that none of you were around before the Arc and hyper leveling. If you had been, you would be able to see what I see. Which is a totally different game dynamic from then to now. And it affects every aspect of the game. But if you weren't around back then, it's hard to explain the fundamental change in a short post.

Jon - yes very true. There are major inflection points designed into the game now that have the same type of radical change to the game that we can see.

The explosion of FP for example. We've discussed (and it's really hard for new players to even fathom this...) how a 5 FP/day Terrace farm was the brass ring of GE, or the Indian Palace Set was so coveted as a FP generator, too.

Today we (most veteran players...) yawn @ 5FP day... but the explosion of FP generation has pushed up ARC lifting because so much FP is in the game, people need to do someting with what they make. Why not cash in on that, and build an investment engine too, from time spent in the game?

The explosion of FP had many tributaries, too.I didn't even consider a BG back then (5 FP max per day, timeframe...), the reward for the expense of lifting that was only a chance to get a 5FP double. Hardly worth it.

Today? It's a no brainer to have a BG, and get doubles on the big deliverable (goods, diamonds, FP, etc) event buildings you've accumulated. These can turn up serious help on all those things - to 500 FP/day, or more (depending on what you choose to lift...)... and it's part of the new game design, too.
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Active Member
It's always been about FP's and attack for me, been playing for 3y7mo and I crack out about 1500 fps/day. I don't care for many GB's and I've been deleting worse first. Removed 5 so far to make room for better items. I'm not sure how some players rank themselves for progress, but I've watched my rank for keeping track. At rank 225 and slowly moving up, people respond more as u move up rank. Since I've become a Little Richie Boy even the Arc ain't so great, I don't need BP's, fp's. or even diamonds. I don't really add to others GB's very often, found being generous makes the fps grubbers always return to add to mine.