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"The Shire" is Recruiting


Hello everyone.

As listed on the header the guild "The Shire" is looking for more members.

A few things about us first then the particulars of the guild.

The Shire was formed around June 2017 and made up of pretty much all new players to the game. Although experience was not in abundance at first we have learned a lot though the months and are constantly providing tips and strategies on almost everything from city building, fighting, events to GE. If you have questions we are more than happy to help. Led by basically the mother of the guild, Lyla of Astora, and Warlord in Chief, jcjackson2. Everyone in the guild is around the same age, High Middle Age to Industrial. If you are within these ages that means very easy trading for the goods you need. We are currently rank 14 so your town hall will produce a fp and we are well on our way to making it 2.

Now onto the makeup of the guild and what makes you a good fit.
1. We are very heavily into GE. We unlock level 4 weekly and commonly surpass 100% completion. If you do 3 levels or more of GE regularly or want to, we would be a good fit for you. Some of our guild do not do 3 levels and there is no mandated amount but we do look to come in first every week and do what we can to achieve it.

2. Some of our guild (jc) live for fighting and GvG. If you want to participate in GvG we are active in high middle age, late middle age and colonial age. There is no requirement for GvG but if your into it, the more the merrier.

3. Due to the costs of GE and GvG we do require small guild donations of goods to keep the treasury stocked. This can be completely avoided by building an observatory or arc. We can help with getting bps if needed.

4. Since most of us are between the ages of High Middle age to Industrial, If you are not in these ages, we may not be the best fit for you. Although we will accept players of higher age or lower we do request a minimum of Iron Age to join.

5. There are sticks to bricks treads to help with GB construction and a nice array of fps swap threads to help grow your great buildings.

6. Staying active. Since GE is a major part of this guild if you are unable to play for a week or more please let the leaders know. An extended absence may cause you to be removed from the guild but once your back we will invite you right back in. If you drop off the face of the planet for a couple weeks you'll have to bring chocolates for Lyla.

That's pretty much it. The more players we get the faster the guild levels and that means more bonuses for everyone. If this guild sounds good to you there is no doubt your going to fit right in and love it. So come join us as we advance our way through the ages!

Reach out to any of our leaders for an invite. They are;
Lyla of Astora
Maximus the Great X
or you can reach out to me "Haov" and i'll inform leadership of your interest.
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The Shire is still looking for members. We now have a few iron age players making trading goods easier for the lower age players.