The Stalkers. Open recruitment for all styles and ages


"The Stalkers" is a player friendly guild that treats its members equally no matter the age or play style. The recruitment invitation is addressed to active players from all ages,whether one's style is casual, merchantile, Great Building collector or militaristic. Each style has its own pros to contribute to the others, completing the mosaic of a mature guild. Beginners are more than welcome, since the benefit for old and new players is mutual. The rules aren't strict and the officers are always willing to share their knowledge. Our goal is to build a strong guild in terms of goods, supplies, Great Building bonuses, coin and military strength to which all members will have played their part, enjoying the gains of a collective attempt.
For further information or an invitation contact Idun, DeathStalker666 or Destroyer1971.
DO NOT apply if you aren't a fair trader!
Happy Forging