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The Trading Post is recruiting new members. Please contact ladysuzie


The Trading Post is recruiting new members. We are a fair trading guild. Here is what we are all about:

Rules and Guidelines

1. You need to be an active player.

2. You must respond to a Founder's personal message when requested to do so

3. Since we are The Trading Post fair trading is a must.

4. In Guild Expeditions, you are required to solve 4 encounters each week

Guild Expeditions is a big part of The Trading Post. We have experienced fighters and traders who are highly competitive. Because winning In Guild Expeditions brings prestige and other benefits to The Trading Post our members are here to help you advance your skills and get you up to speed.

To access more information about our rules and guidelines please check our featured listing on ForgeBasics.com

ladysuzie and WinPages
Founders of The Trading Post