[Poetry] Things leaking from my brain... Artistic attempts by the utterly talentless.

Discussion in 'Art Museum' started by ObsidianDiego, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. I sing of plunder and all of the loot,
    That I will take and not give a hoot,
    I've stolen your stone and taken your wine,
    I've ransacked houses made your coins mine,

    You've gone to the forum to complain,
    You've been told we don't feel your pain,
    Build an army and be more astute,
    Otherwise, this exercise is moot.

    You've build an army, hip hip hooray,
    And we've gone and plundered anyway,
    So here you are, poor as a mouse,
    Hoping that someone will leave you a house,

    Your anger has risen, you're mad as can be,
    Soon you will take your revenge on me,
    You built a ballista, planning with care,
    In hope that I'll leave something there,

    You've finally done it, broken my wall,
    I must be crushed by this horrible fall,
    Into my cities you swagger with glee,
    Only to find nothing to plunder from me.

    There is a lesson that you will learn,
    Only the timing keeps you from being burned!
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  2. Rogan76

    Rogan76 Member

    Jan 7, 2013
    Well done, Obsidian. I'm not sure it's as good as Lanthano's; but then that may be bias on my part.
  3. Lanthano of Kruptos

    Lanthano of Kruptos Active Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Yes, very well done, OD!

    Oh and Rogan, the check's in the mail. You're getting a bit expensive though, ya know?
  4. I think the thread title says it all... I don't have any talent, so I don't expect it to be good, let alone better than someone else's work. I'm half surprised anyone even read it.
  5. Lanthano of Kruptos

    Lanthano of Kruptos Active Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    OD, yes you do. And I, personally, would love to see more from you and the rest of the player family in the way of creative arts.
  6. artemist

    artemist Guest

    A cool poem and pretty much sums up life on Forge. Well done ObisidianDiego.

    Artemist :)
  7. Auronus

    Auronus Guest

    I love it!
  8. Talentless my butt! That was pretty good.
  9. Erin the Enchanted of gh

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    Mar 25, 2016
    this is amazing lol. You should post this in one of the main forums lol
  10. grayshaq3

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    Sep 7, 2016

    So you sing about all of your plundered loot,
    Do you take it for granted, you silly old coot.
    The riches of others sparkle and shine,
    But the thrill from the heist fades over time.

    You created your army that non could defeat
    Now it's all gone, ashes and dust under your feet.
    You kept all your loot and i'll gotten gains,
    It's all you can show for the suffering and pain.

    In that city of yours with its mighty walls,
    You hid like a coward, cause you've no b---s.
    Why work so hard to build everything up
    When you know at the end it just air in a cup.

    So take my advice, enjoy every victory and win,
    Guard all that's precious, to do less is to sin.
    Remember the glory attached to your name,
    But never, ever forget it's all just a GAME.

  11. spnnr

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    Dec 24, 2016
  12. Paris 54

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    Feb 18, 2018
    Whenever I attack it is a quest and I leave a message with my heartfelt apologies on it
  13. Paris 54

    Paris 54 New Member

    Feb 18, 2018
    But your poem is actually really good. I like writing but I am incapable of writing decent poems
  14. 22prentwil

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    May 31, 2019
    Love it. Pure poetry
  15. DreadfulCadillac

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    Jun 11, 2018
    beautifull poetry