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This Forum should be where the action is


I just want to announce to anyone that may be reading this that a big aspect of the fun of the game should be socializing here in the forum. In particular, we can search out interesting players and compare notes. I still have a lot to learn about the game.

Oh, and one more thing, I am immensely happy with my guild The Legion of Doom. They are a terrific bunch of ladies and gentlemen.

Let the games continue!:)


I agree...while I don't play on J, this forum could be a great place for communication, so invite all to come!


I'm pretty much a game noob and would love to see people talk about game play. I did luck out with my guild though. Beginners luck. Vail is small because it doesn't keep players for points. It keeps them because they are active and helpful. I get motivated daily, my GBs get raised, I get a forge point from the town hall, and very friendly people. Some of them are veterans of this game, but don't mind answering my noob questions.

If Vail sounds like a guild you are looking for please contact me.