Threshold is recruiting new members.

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  1. Fulvia 586 the Sly

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    Apr 27, 2018
    The Guild called “Threshold” is recruiting new members.

    This guild is based on fair trading, we also help each other by helping construction of new great buildings. We play Guild Expedition (GE) each week where you can win many valuable prizes by putting your battle/negotiation skills to work. Win coins, supplies, medals, forge points, troops, buildings, premium buildings, special buildings and even diamonds. Battles won in GE count as battles in PvP.

    The guild has other benefits as well. Your town hall will produce 3 forge points every day. Your troops will build and heal 14% faster. Your new buildings will cost 6% less to build. We have active fp swap threads and active trading.

    We are level 26, Ranked 78 with 34 members. Apply to join a friendly helpful guild and grow with us. All experience levels welcome. If you have any questions send Kingsindian or Fulvia 586 the Sly a PM.

    A copy of the guild profile is below:

    *** Guild Profile/Requirements ***

    We are a Fair Trade Guild for part time and active players.

    We require fair trading as a rule.

    Have fun as you have time to, participate and be a part of the best guild.

    * New players welcome

    * Questions answered

    * FP Swaps for GB's

    * Guild effort to level Observatory's

    * Members expected to read and answer messages

    * Required 1 fp for Stix to Brix (The guild provides 2 fps per day)

    * At least 1 attempt in GE (The 1st 3 are easy peasy)

    Please notify us if you plan to be absent 2 or more weeks
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  2. Fulvia 586 the Sly

    Fulvia 586 the Sly New Member

    Apr 27, 2018
    If you are looking to join a great friendly active guild. Come join the great guild called Threshold.
  3. Fulvia 586 the Sly

    Fulvia 586 the Sly New Member

    Apr 27, 2018
    We are a non-GvG guild. We love to play GE and require 1 attempt. We are looking for new members. Preference is given to Players that have an Obs, Arc or Atomium. We do have active programs to help members get Obs. BPs. If you would like to join a great guild then send me a PM.

    Fulvia 586 the Sly