Timber Wolves Seeking GvG Fighters

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    Apr 17, 2019
    If you're tired of drama, stuck in a stagnant guild or not growing as much as you'd like to,
    then STOP what you're doing and come check us out in Timber Wolves!


    We're a fun, dynamic and active guild full of dedicated players with so much to offer. We are currently seeking new GvG fighters to add to our awesome battle crew and we want YOU to come have fun with us!

    Why Timber Wolves?

    • Active in GvG!!!
    • Level 4 GE Every Week
    • Arc Program & Groups
    • Arc Rages (20 levels in an Hour!!!)
    • Advanced GB goods and prints
    • 190 Threads - Internal AND External
    • Bargain & Lock Thread = Cheap Prints!
    • Swaps, swaps and more swaps
    • Fair Trade AND Unfair Trade Threads
    • Sticks to Bricks up to Level 2!
    • Optional Obs Program
    • Weekly GE Lottery - 150+ fps!
    • Event Info, Tips & Tricks
    • Active & Committed Leadership
    Come join our pack and have fun with us! If interested, send a PM to Kestrel WindReaper or WickedKillah.
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