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Timeline of all ages after Contemporary Era!


New Member
I have done extensive research into the eras in the game, so much so that people in my guild and server think I'm the only person that cares this much about the game's story.

Contemporary Era is 1989 - 2025

Tomorrow Era is 2026 - 2064

Future Era, Arctic Future, Oceanic Future, and Virtual Future are all 2065 - 2087 (FE - VF are just different Futuristic themes as stated by game developers.)

Space Age Mars is 2088 - 2095

Space Age Asteroid Belt is 2096 - 2110

Space Age Venus is 2110 - 2125

Tomorrow Era will start whenever the first successful Fusion Power Plant is created, so in about 5 - 10 years.

Future Era will start when Fusion Energy is mainstream enough to become 100% clean energy, which people speculate will be in 30 - 50 years.

Some people think Space Age Venus is hundreds of years into the future, but there's no way it'll take 1000 years to colonize 3 planets- you don't even terraform Mars in SAM, even though in real life it's planned to be done by 2100.

Anyway, I hope this clears up the overwhelming amount of misconceptions made by people who don't research stuff!

The Lady Redneck

Well-Known Member
It is great that you find all those sort of details interesting. And to me it show just how varied the tapestry of this game is. I am glad there is this aspect of the game that has stretched your intellect to the point you felt lead to research this

I am of course aware the game has a time line, just as every other game of this type has. And over the years I have played the game I have come across people (both in the game and on these forums) who have been fascinated by some aspect and written studies and guides that have helped and encouraged others in their enjoyment of the game. Their ability to create these guides is appreciated by many.

And in this instance.......What is more fascinating is your knowledge of the overwhelming amount of misconceptions that I did not even know I had.


Very nice! I love the mental picture this creates. The only thing I could see to push the dates out for the Space Age eras is the time it takes for humans to actually travel to each destination. A one-way trip to Mars for a rover takes 6-8 months, minus all the planning it takes to send something to space. To set up colonies on distant planets (or belts) would take a lot of supplies and many trips back and forth from earth to set things up properly, kind of like the British trying to set up colonies in the States, but an ocean apart (think Roanoke Island..."Croatoan"). So unless we have a breakthrough with significantly increasing the speed of our spacecrafts (like the Epstein Drive from the show "The Expanse"), I can't really see us colonizing Mars in a sustainable fashion (not like the movie "The Martian") in the next 65 or so years. Unless....Elon Musk has something up his sleeve no one else knows about, like a.....Plaid spaceship. See what I did there? lol. But anyways, love the thought that went into making this timeline Xelish.