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Top 10 Guild in C-World now requiting. A few spots available.


Hello active players!

If you're looking for a guild that will help you skyrocket your Great Buildings to level 80+ QUICKLY, look no further.

DOA Divi has a few open spots. I've been with this guild for over 7 years and have had nothing but positive experiences.

- Our leaders are kind and nurturing
- Our Great Building (GB) Threads: 1.8, 1.9 and 1.93 offer quick advancement and stable growth to your village
- Over 90% of our guildmates gave an ARC at level 80 or greater.
- We have several Forge Point (FP) swap threads that allow you to gain rewards.
- We have 2 billion Level leaders (Endless Goods and FPs to help you grow)
- If you like playing Battlegrounds (GBG) and you like winning, we win 90% of the time. Again, BIG REWARDS.
- If you like a Guild that serves as Ambassadors to the game look no further
- Weekly Lottery with big FP payouts
- Much, much more.

This is a good and kind group of people I've seen very few players be kicked from our guild as our leadership is adept at conflict resolution. On the very rare occasion a player has been removed, it has been for good reason and is done after diplomatic efforts have been exhausted. I remember on one occasion a player who was acting a bit Bi-Polar was kicked but not before our respectful and nurturing leadership paid a "Severance Package" as a sign of goodwill. If you are a RESPECTFUL, POLITE, and KIND player, please drop by and check us out.

Our requirements are Mild-moderate in weekly commitment:
- Must finish all 4 levels of Guild Expedition (GE) weekly.
- Must Win 100 battles in each GBG (That's how we win 90% of the time)

Please see our guild description for further details.

Come Join US and FORGE ON!!
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