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Unformatted Top few Guilds in GbG switch to all World contests: Call it Diamond Champions

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
The current GbG is basically dominated by a few top Guilds across all Worlds. many have complained. My idea is to make a all new level of play in GbG only for the top few Guilds in each World. instead of endlessly dominating the lesser Guilds as they have been, the top Guilds would compete across Worlds in an all new sort of GbG where they battle each other from different Wolds.
The GbG layout the same. the fighting perhaps harder, and rewards greater.
This does several things, it allows those top Guilds to have a way to grow even more. it relieves the not quite at the top of the endless crush from the very top Guilds that dominate GbG now.
I cannot see any reason the top Guilds will stop collecting the finest players of their Worlds, now give them a new battle vista.
Playing against the top Guilds of all other Worlds