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Tough break defiant knights


Sure talk alot of smack about how good you are but we beat you even with one of members breaking their leg and not able to finish Ge as fast as normal . Maybe next time. .


Aww.... you think you won...that's so adorable. You do realize we are on Summer Break & have been for 2 weeks now.

Mayhem Montana

New Member
Cheering yourself on for a GE win says it all. So uh, yeah - great job.

GbG has been good to you I see. You should see if Inno will change your name to King Candy for that inflated score of yours. Give us a call when you cross 1 year in first and we'll start paying attention to you. Only 1,166 more days to catch us. Should be easy on that second-rate world you decided to join.
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