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Trade blueprints in at the antiques dealer

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Allow blueprint sets to be an item that is able to be traded at the antiques dealer.

Current System (if applicable)
No current system. Some people have hundreds of blueprints for buildings that they aren't leveling anymore or don't want to build at all. Surely these blueprint sets would have some value in our virtual Forge land, perhaps if you found the right buyer?

There could be a second button tab at the antiques dealer to switch between trading in inventory items and trading in blueprint sets. I just say full sets because I think that individual blueprints would be worth very little. The higher the age of the set, the more coins or gemstones it could be worth.

Abuse Prevention
I can't think of any. I'm sure someone will point it out to me if they do. Players who have been playing for years will certainly have more blueprint sets to turn in, but that is the same case as with inventory items.

Visual Aids

Sorry about the crudeness of the visual aid. I did this in MS Paint because I don't know how to Photoshop.

This would give some use to the blueprints that pile up if you've been playing for years. And it would possibly even incentivize players to help level a great building that they might not even want, but want to be able to turn in the blueprints for.
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Stephen Longshanks

Suggestions for trading of items other than goods is prohibited for proposals under the Do Not Suggest List (link in my signature). This thread closed.
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