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I propose that there be a search bar or some feature that allows us to narrow down the trade market based on a specific player's trades.
EDIT: Add a "View Trades" button to a player's profile that takes you directly to their trade list. Credit to erikthered85.

Current System (if applicable)
Currently you can narrow trades down by specific goods, guild only (includes all guild), neighbors only (includes all neighbors), and acceptable offers. Therefore when trying to find a specific player's trade regardless of the good, you have to search several pages, sometimes even hundreds of pages, of trades (including the unfair 1:10 merchant trades).

Often times people ask to help them out with specific trades, and while under those circumstances you can often narrow it down by good, if you want to see what other trades a certain player has up, you have to go through the entire market to try and find it. Also, I'm sure we all have friends we like to trade with more so than others, so it would be helpful to be able to narrow it down to just specific player(s) trades. For example, when you open up the market you see everyone's trades. I want to see what trades Blaze1906 posted but he is only on my friends list (not guild or neighborhood), and I don't know what goods he is trading, instead of searching the entire market to see if he posted anything and if so, what he has posted, if I can just search his name in the market it makes the trades easier to find, and it quicker to accept.

Abuse Prevention
I'm sure this can be abused somehow. There is almost no feature that can't be abused. But overall this would help give the market some order.

Visual Aids

This is NOT like other trade proposals where you block or "mute" other players, or remove "unfair" trades. It is simply meant to be able to find trades for specific players easier.
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