Trade Friends Wanted

Killa KoKo

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Hello, I am looking for (5) friends on US-Cirgard who not only "aid" regularly but also regularly peruse the open market as I do for (usually larger) trades. I am currently in the Contemporary Era, so I have access to goods of all ages. Friends with a boost in renewable resources (and trading) are especially needed. Please reply here, post your in game name if it does not match your forum moniker if you like to trade. Most of my production is focused on the higher ages but I often like to trade those goods for lower aged goods.

Production as of 3/2/15 includes tar, convenience foods, ferroconcrete, asbestos, genome data, and industrial filters.

Thanks all!

Mazz the Great

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Looking for Friends - I aid DAILY!! I play in O-world and R-world so send me a Friend Request if you are playing in those worlds. -- Mazz the Great


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Daily Player looking for new friends after long layoff. Please send request to TexasHammer. Lots of friends on my list are now inactive.