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  1. thomals

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    Dec 6, 2018
    Trading 1.03 : 1 laterally (on same level) is permitted
    { eg.- 36 Dye : 35 Stone, stone pays FP}
    [ to offset costs fairly and encourage trading in addition to guides....]
    2.03 : 1 ascending is not available
    { eg.- 73 dye : 35 Iron, iron pays FP}
    [ same ]
    Knowing that products are good, wanting the customer to get value for FP, not contribute to inflation, but encourage greater activity (greater availability) for small guilds and producers alike.
    This is not for the smallest trading, it encourages the larger trade. As such a limit of 0.1 on the 2, would be a good precaution re.- inflation.

  2. Emberguard

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    Oct 27, 2018
    well, the limits are there to protect the player (and prevent too much abuse)

    What exactly is your proposal? Unlimited amounts? Because you haven't set a max amount here. And players trade down as much as up. So anyone trading down would be exceeding the 2 ratio limit
  3. Stephen Longshanks

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    May 8, 2015
    See, this is a prime example of why the Proposal Format is necessary. There is no way of knowing what exactly this proposal is. Something to do with changing the trading rules/mechanics, but who knows what changes he's asking for.

    Proposal-Briefly outline what your proposal entails.
    Current System-The system that currently exists in-game that is being replaced or improved by the feature you are proposing.
    Details-Here you should give the details of your idea, explaining how it works, why you've suggested it and all other information you feel is necessary to convey the importance of the addition of your proposal.
    Abuse Prevention-If there are any avenues for abuse that open with your proposal, state any safeguards present in your idea that closes them.
    Visual Aids-Post any images you have created to demonstrate the implementation of your proposed feature. Please remember that any images posted must fit within the file size restrictions specified in the Forum Rules.
    Conclusion-Any final comments to try and gain your proposal the favour of the community.

    All I can guess is that the OP doesn't like the 2:1/1:2 limits on trade ratios and wants them loosened. Does he want no limits? Does he propose new, wider limits? Who knows?
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  4. Emberguard

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    Oct 27, 2018
    My best guess for the proposal is:

    Same Age: 2 : 1 trading
    Up/Down Age: 2.5 : 1 trading

  5. Agent327

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    Jan 22, 2018
    And you joined for this?????

    Learn the game before you come with another brilliant idea.

    Oh and ...

    Steps of a Proposal

    1. Go to the Proposals section
    2. Check the Do Not Suggest List
    3. If your proposal is not on the DNSL check the Frequently Proposed Ideas and do a forum Search to see if it’s already been suggested
    4. If you can’t find a similar proposal then Properly Format your proposal
    5. Submit Proposal
    6. Wait at least two weeks
    7. If multiple people support your Proposal you can at this point Submit it for Nomination
    8. At this point “moderators will review it and decide if a poll will be created or if it needs further discussion first”
    9. If successful your Proposal will be Submitted for Vote
    10. If successful it should be Submitted to Inno
    11. For various reasons a Proposal may end up in the Closed/Archived section, if that happens they state “...try re working the text and create a new proposal thread for it.”
    12. If a Proposal goes through to Inno I’m not exactly sure what happens at that point
    13. Never add a Poll to your own Proposal
    14. If you get slushpuppy responses try to ignore it
  6. Agent327

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    Jan 22, 2018
    I think he is under the impression that he has to pay for every trade made.
  7. Salsuero

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    Nov 8, 2017
    :confused: What? o_O
  8. Snowbelle

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    May 23, 2015
    Please place in proper proposal format.