Trader needed PE - CE - offering fps

Hey guys,

im in need of a trader here in Brisgard.... i will need CE goods and will offer up PE goods w/ 10fps per trade..
atm pe to ce is 1:0.55 - but i would see it exchaned at 1:0.75 +10fps per each trade [100 goods exchanged at a time - so id get 20 goods extra (100:75 as opposed to 100:55) and in exchange said trader would get 10fps for their services] so if you are interested in this pm me in the game, and we can coordinate ;)

Aegon VI Tagaryen


New Member
I am interested in your proposal but I can not generate the volume that you want. How many trades per day (100:75) and what CA goods do you want and in what priority or order. You may message me directly at Stormhammer999


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I'm in a similar position currently (September 2017) of wanting to trade Progressive up to Contempory Era, or a FP swap for goods. Seems there is a healthy gap north of progressive, which makes uptrading difficult.

Specifically interested in robots, biodata, and gas.