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Do Not Suggest Troop Donations to Players

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    Votes: 1 20.0%
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    Votes: 4 80.0%

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Grim Reaper V

Active Member
The idea is to allow players to donate troops to each other.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
There was an idea for donating troops to the treasury, but this is much more different.

This allows players to grow quicker, help their guild more, and in turn makes GE, GBG, and GVG way more interesting and competitive. This could also attract players who have gone inactive because they were bored to return and use this new feature. This could also attract more attention to Forge of Empires as a whole and could attract more players to the game. This will also stop players from selling units when they have too many units and can be donated for second use.

With this new feature, players can donate troops to each other, but the attack boost the donor's boosts for attack and defense do not apply when donated. For example, if a SAV player donates a Progressive era unit to a Bronze Age player, only the person who receives the unit applies, if the SAV player has 1,000 There is also an age limit. Bronze Age players can only receive units up to Progressive era, Iron Age players can only receive units up to Post Modern Era. Early Middle Ages players can only receive units up to the Tomorrow Era. High Middle Age players can only receive up to Future Era. Late Middle Age players will get units up to the Arctic Future. Colonial Age players can get up to Oceanic Future units. Industrial Age players get units up to the Virtual Future. Progressive Era players get units up to the Space Age Mars. Modern Era players can get units up to Space Age Asteroid Belt. Modern Era players can get units up to the Space Age Venus. To make sure that this is not too overpowered, 10 units can be donated per day to a single person.

Visual Aids:

In the army section, "a donate unit" button will be added. Then a dropdown box appears and a list appears Friend, Guild mate, or Neighbor. When you click on a choice it will show a dropdown box, to donate to a player. After, it will show the era, and the unit that you are donating. A wipe your boost from this unit button will also have to be added. Other than that it will not have a major impact on other features.

Abuse Prevention:
To make players from donating units higher than the limit to a player, it will say "This player is ineligible to receive a unit from this age". To prevent players from sending units with the donator's attack boost it will say "Please wipe your boosts from this unit before donating."

Summary: So in summary this will attract more attention to the game, abusing this new feature would be almost impossible, This would make GE, GBG, and GVG more competitive and intense. This allows players to grow quickly but not too quick because of the age limit


Well-Known Member
Any suggestions to improve the idea? Like making it that so you can only get units from the 1-3 era's after

I recommend you ask players who have gotten advanced Era troops form the CMAP what a game changer that can be.

Making advanced Era troops commonly available would warp GE and GBG making it much too easy.