Two Wars to Peace


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Statement pulled from a different debate...

... how it was logical to 'transition from two wars to peace' via Libya, Somalia and Yemen..
Just to point out, Libya and Somalia were U.N. participatory. I would also like to point out that all three were in upheavel before intervention, and that civilian lives were in danger. This is in stark contrast to invading, in "initiating" two full-out wars in what were previously two stable, if not despotic, nations.

If you're referring specifically to drone activity, we probably should start a different thread. As to Yemen, I am curious to know what you're talking about.


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I will do as you suggest and leave the discussion on drones for elsewhere, but on the other, how does the UN somehow make it alright to bomb and overthrow a sovereign nation? The fact of the matter is that in Libya we took the side of a small faction of people, who Al Qaida was a part of, amazingly enough. And all this time, I thought the "War on Terror" was about taking out Al Qaeda, not funding them. Al Qaeda is also a part of the faction we are helping in Syria, so at least our government is being consistent. /sarcasm intended.

I wonder what we would think if another nation(s) did same to us, here.
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