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Unable to Log-in


Just as the title states. I am unable to login to game. Internet working fine. Login page loads, however on right side of page where you click to start, then choose world, nothing is there. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know of a different login page that will work ?



Can not access US server
internet connect times out .... would appear their server has crashed ?


On right side of screen, after a few seconds, the following faintly appears:

Hmm, we can't reach this page.
Try this

This is followed by 2 options, 'refresh page' (which does nothing when clicked), and 'search for what you want' (Which takes you to your browser search default)


I'm getting refresh page or search for FoE on Bing, and even there it's not loading.
Did something crash? Maybe an Al Qaida attack? Or Daesh? Or North Korea? Or the Russians who want to steal the game?


It's already an hour I can't play... Gonna get crazy..... WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!


Its been down for 4 hours according to the isitdownrightnow.com website


same here after some time it says server has timed out try again later


same as everyone else says server has timed out or cant be reached to try back later it might be busy or having maintance


Pretty much the same thing here. I can sometimes bring up the loading page but where you would log in, it says, "cannot reach page". Same on all 3 browsers. Mobile works fine though.