Unable to Log-in


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I tried chrome and firefox on two diffrent computers both said unable to reach server server timed out and I wouldnt even attempt to do GE on mobile I need to see what im doing and mobile screen way to small


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I would expect this from beta because its set up for testing I get locked out all the time but main ones come on you should have all the bugs worked out before throw a monkey wrench in the flow of things


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Just as the title states. I am unable to login to game. Internet working fine. Login page loads, however on right side of page where you click to start, then choose world, nothing is there. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know of a different login page that will work ?

I am having the same issue!


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I'm glad its not just me, then. And on a positive note, the missus had a chicken shwarma salad waiting for me when I got home from work.


Hiya. Server is down again. Able to log all day without a problem, even about an hour ago. Now the message on right side of page where you login:

502 Bad Gateway