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Do Not Suggest Uncapped Settlement Building Upgrades

Would uncapped settlement main buildings upgrades cause you to spend more time on settlements?

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New Member
Have the ability to continuously upgrade settlement buildings with each playthrough instead of the settlement building being capped at their current level of upgrades.

Provides a reason to continue settlements once completed instead of for only 50 forge points.

After completing the number of playthroughs required to bring a settlement building up to the current maximum, change the reward to additional upgrades of the primary settlement building instead of 50 forge points.

Visual Aids:

I can't think of this as being unbalanced considering the duration of each playthrough and the amount of settlements that are available and also still being developed. A long time player would still need to complete each playthrough or spend a lot of diamonds to upgrade the special building and the higher the level, the more likely the plunder attempts.

Abuse Prevention:

The ability to continuously upgrade the settlement main reward buildings would provide another avenue for long term gameplay that provides greater benefits.