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I have started a guild called "Undaunted." As it is relativly new, I was wonding if people would like to join it. I request that you message me ingame, or reply on this thread, with some basic answers to these questions.

Why I can trust you:
What you can offer to the group:
What rank are you in your world:

This is to ensure the guild does well, and that it is a great place for members to meet and associate. If you apply, and are faithful to the guild after you are accepted, I can assure you that the guild will have your back. If someone manages to breach your defences, and it is within our power, our guild will attack that player, as a team. We have each other's backs.

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No offense, but I thought you might want to know - you misspelled undaunted. It has a second "u."
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I figured that the actual word Undaunted was taken already, so I just took a letter out Lol. I can change that if you would prefer the correct spelling :)


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I don't think you'll get too many takers messaging you with reasons why they should be in your Guild. Better for you to write to individuals in your hood, from the global list who are not currently in a guild offering them a place and giving them reasons why they should join your guild. Aim for peeps of approx the same age/pts as you so trading will be easier as they join. Nothing worse than 1 member needing Herbs when everyone else is producing Iron!

As you get more and more members start to weed out the inactive members who are just along for the ride and assign roles for those that have embraced the Guild and your ethics.

There are many Guilds who advertise in the forums but I suspect the most successful recruiters target individuals of a similar age.

Good luck