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United Empires Recruiting Active GBG Players!


United Empires is a top 20 Guild with lots of great people and great benefits, and we are looking for people to come win with us in GBG and GVG. We offer a friendly and fun environment that will support you in achieving your FoE goals, including a quick and neat 1.9 leveling thread, FP loans to grow your city fast, and lots of great advice from experienced players.
Here's what we are looking for...
1. Active in GBG with the ability to do 100 encounters per season, preferably with the desire to do far more.
2. Minimum of 36 encounters in GE weekly.
3. Have and level treasury goods producing buildings. If you don't have one already, we will make sure you do, quickly, by arranging BPs and goods.

We welcome players of all ages, as long as you participate to the best of your ability.

Please message me in-game if you are interested in joining us!
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